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Spectral Bound Chest {July} Explore The PC Video Game!

Spectral Bound Chest {July} Explore The PC Video Game! >> If you are here to know how to locate and open the spectral chest, then read the below article to get the answer.

Are you also a fan of playing World of Warcraft? Do you also want to know where to find and open the Spectral Bound Chest? So, in today’s article, our viewers will get the information about this chest and also know how to find this chest and open it as this game is popular and is trending Worldwide. 

So read out the full article to know the details.

What Spectral chest? 

As you all know World of Warcraft is a very popular role-play multiplayer game among youngsters and this game is gaining the top section of trending games worldwide. Recently many people are searching for the spectral chest and want to know its location and want to know how to open it. So, to know how to open the Spectral Bound Chest, read the below article.

Where to find the spectral chest?

The spectral chest can be found in the Tower of Damned, Torghast. Players can find the spectral chest at the following provided location : ( and also know whether the chest is looted by other players or not, to do so you need to open the chat window and paste the following command :



3 keys need to found by the players to open the Spectral Bound Chest.

Where to find the keys to open the chest?

To open the spectral chest, 3 keys are needed to be found by the player. These three keys can be found probably in the tower of the Damned that is in Torghast. You can also locate these keys korthia. These keys can spawn randomly at 12 locations. Usually, these keys can be found in these places : 

  • In the north area
  • Near the houses located in the south
  • Westside of the chest.

Once the player has all three keys the lock of the Spectral Bound Chest can be accessed by the player.

To know more about the spectral chest, click on the following link:

Conclusion: So, as many people around the world were keen to know that how to open the spectral chest in World of Warcraft, we have provided an in-depth review about this chest and have explained how to open it.

So we will be ending our article here by providing you the details you needed for the query based on Spectral Bound Chest.

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