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Stophr127 com (Feb) Sign The Petition Now!

Stophr127 com (Feb) Sign The Petition Now! -> Now you can sign a petition and protect the people from an unlawful arm or gun owners. You can read our post and learn all the details about it!

Stophr127 com: Do you see this URL on your social media? Has anybody asked you to sign a petition to STOP HR127? Arms control is vital since a gun can take life within seconds. Therefore, the government must approve an arm to an individual who is responsible enough. You can read more details about the new arms law and the petition in our post.

The United States has reported maximum cases of homicide and lawful encounters in 2020. A congresswoman is all set to petition to control the arm owners who will abide by the new law. She is asking for our support in her petition. We are elaborating the new guidelines in our article. Therefore, please read it until the end!

What is Stophr127 com?

It is an ORG website that is designed for us to sign a petition. HR127 is claimed to be a dangerous arm control bill that can quickly destroy the freedom amendments. Hence, a congresswoman is asking us to say BIG NO to such a dangerous law to protect ourselves and everyone around us. 

What will the new bill illustrate?

When you visit the ORG website, you will see a form that needs to be filled with legit details. However, it also elaborates on the bill that will:

  • Mandate the firearm and ammunition registration in the US.
  • The Stophr127 com states that the new bill will ban the point 50 caliber ammunition. 
  • Need a gun-owner to pass the mental health examination to purchase ammo or gun!
  • Prohibit the sell and use of magazines that contain more than ten ammo.
  • Incept “National Ammo Registry” to know who has a gun and ammo.
  • Compel the owners to have civil liability insurance.
  • Mandate yearly payment of 800 dollars for people who own ammo or gun.

What the petition states?

The petition states that if the new bill is passed, US citizens will lose their freedom. It also suggests that some points are valid enough, but others are not. The congress political party is trying hard to default the “Stophr127 com” petition. However, the congresswoman is all set to fight against the new bill and protect everybody’s freedom. 

What’s More?

The congresswoman is also asking us to visit the American Firearm Association website and fight the Anti-American agenda. She is helping the US citizens and asking return favors by signing the petition. 

Final Thoughts:

Are you relating to the congresswoman’s fight against the new HR127 bill? If you can relate to her, we suggest you sign the petition. You will find all relevant bills about the petition and new HR127 bills on “Stophr127 com” website. This petition is fighting against manifold bills or agenda carried by the governmentPlease check the website, read the details, and share your views with us!

0 thoughts on “Stophr127 com (Feb) Sign The Petition Now!

  1. The second amendment shall not be infringed on in any way, shape or form. Who determines mental health? Government overreach

  2. We The People Demand Term Limits On All Of Washington’s Politicians! If it’s good enough for the President then it should be the same for all politicians!

  3. Like all gun bills they don’t hurt the criminal. It hurts the law bidding citizen. Government officials can’t seem to figure that out. And why should they. They get a team of security. With? You guessed it, automatic guns. So it kind of the double standard.

  4. Protect 2A…. the real loonies are the lefties in the house,senate and executive branch…..2A American right to bear arms

  5. Gun owners already have to pay a substancial amount for our direarms already i am sure government gets a portion of that. We already go through an evasive e background check. And if the idiots in Washington thinks the criminals that dont get possession of their guns legal are going to have to pay these fees they are crazy. You are only trying to punish the American gun owner trying to protect their homes and families or just go hunting and try to live as law abiding citizens. If you don’t want a gun don’t buy it but let me make my own choices for me and my family. Government already has enoug hands in our lives now. Maybe we should attempt to have Ms. Lee removed for being such an idiot and burden on the American people. I own a legal weapon inwill not let someone take it from me or put any more tax on it than i have already had to pay.

  6. This is the land of the free. This bill is a violation of my 2nd amendment rights given to me by my Forefathers.
    This will not disarm criminal just law-abiding citizens. Criminals will always know where to get illegal fire arms.

  7. Yeah no, it’s not happening. And if they try to, they are gonna have to come force me to. Those socialist commie fucks can kiss my ass

  8. When they outlaw and distort our rights this will only embolden the radical left even more.
    Sound familiar? “Turn in your guns and we will protect you”. BS!!! Live Free Our Die!

  9. First it’s free speech and if they get that the rest of our rights will fall like dominoes, this bill is an infringement on or right to self preservation

  10. This goes against everything the United States of America stands for. This bill will destroy our freedom and our way of life

  11. Stop HR127. This is against our constitutional rights. This isn’t about public safety but to try to take our God given rights. Gun control only empowers the criminals and the government!

  12. This bill is wrong. Our 2nd amendment rights will be violated. Legal gun owners are not the problem as the statistics show. Please fight this bill.

  13. We are tired of Big Government. It is for the people and by the people. We dont need Government to control every aspect of our lives. Taking away our 2nd amendment will not happen.

  14. Please stop this bill from passing !!! We need our guns to protect ourselves. It’s our right!! This is another ploy for the Democrats to use this another socialism and communist move . We are Americans!!! Home of the free bedside of the brave. We coannot let this party destroy the United States. What will then an next, churches , already censoring our free speech!! Please do what ever is necessary to stop this bill from passing . Thank you

  15. This bill is nothing but an assault on the constitution and law abiding citizens and will do nothing to hamper the criminal’s

  16. You swore an oath to uphold the constitution! That means ALL of it! Not just the parts you like! Americans will never allow you to edit our constitution to fit your party beliefs. The second Amendment was put in our constitution to protect us from a tyrannical government, which the current administration is guilty of being. So NO!

  17. It’s not registered gun owners that are the problem here. It’s the criminal element that has now respect for laws . Why should Joe Home owner be made to pay the price of freedom because of the 1 % ? Stop this restriction bill in it’s tacks .

  18. No Way are Americans going to put up Gun Control Bullshit from Hitler type GUN control like HR127 Sheila Jacksons ….WHAT A CRAZY LUNATIC…

  19. I believe this bill is totally unconstitutional based on our 2nd amendment rights. Please stop this bill from passing.

  20. The Second Amendment, ratified in 1791 by the U.S. Congress. This HR 127 is taking our rights away!

  21. My fiance and, I would both like to sign the petition to STOP bill HR127 and all other bills that are associated with this bill. Please let me know where to go to do so or a link to electronically sign these and all bills that would remove our/my second amendment rights.
    Thank you for your time and may God bless you.
    Michael James fox

  22. Everyone should vote no against this bill. It’s just a form of taxation without representation for gun owners.

  23. This is infringement and will be met with the full power of the constitution, and the fury of the the patriotic American. The liberal left is easy to controll, we on the right are not!!!

  24. WTF kind of English as a second language page is this?!?! Which congresswoman are you referring to? What is the exact wording of the petition you’re asking me to sign? If the same person that wrote this page did the petition, count me out.

  25. Enough with the gun laws. 5000 more gun laws won’t stop the violence. If laws stopped the violence there wouldn’t be any violence. GET REAL!!! WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH LAWS. TOO MANY, ACTUALLY!!

  26. Taxation without representation, this is ridiculous, I cant wait until Mr. Trump has all of you on jail!!!

  27. I personally think that this bill is complete bullshit. It is none of their business to know what we have or dictate what you can own or buy.

  28. Please vote against bill Hr127. It’s not the ordinary person that is causing the problems with guns, It’s the criminals that our judges and penal system let go. The government keeps chipping away at our freedom. You were not elected to take pour freedom away, you were elected to preserve and protect it.

  29. Hopefully this will never pass 2nd ammendment states the right to bear arms without INFRINGEMENT this is INFRINGEMENT

  30. This is one of the most unconstitutional things I’ve seen. This will not stop the bad guys. All this bill will do is hurt the law abiding citizens. This will do nothing to the bad guys only screw the good guys.

  31. Stop this Nazi style bill to protect the American right to own firearms. Protect the 2nd Amendment and the freedoms that our forefathers gave us.

  32. I don’t want someone else to decide my ability to own firearms and ammunition .
    The constitution gives the right to bear arms.

  33. When all you Ladies and gentleman that That took the Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States Why does it feel that you are not Honoring the Constitution of United States Right now this country doesn’t need more gun laws in you to help for the people of this and great nation so please help the 1st Get this great nation back to work and back to normal thank you for your time

  34. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States clearly says, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” THIS IS AN INFRINGEMENT!!!

  35. This bill is obviously a breech of constitutional rights and will only serve to further the divide in this nation and increase hostility during this fragile time in our country. I implore you to vote NO on this bill.

  36. We can’t let this happen! Gun owners are not the problem, criminals with guns is the problem. They don’t give a damn about any law so new ones just makes it harder for law abiding citizens from defending themselves. Stop this nonsense.

  37. This is unconstitutional and the 2nd ammendment should not limit only the wealthy to firearms, this is elite racism and an invasion of our constitutional rights and liberties!

  38. The Right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution specifically to control the abuse of power of those who govern. We the people give power to the elected.
    Therefore we the people can take it away from any one that tries to subdue the citizens of The United States by removing their right to bear arms. When government no longer can be restrained from abusing power they will cease to be a Republic. the founding fathers instituted the Second Amendment to insure that the citizens of These United States would have the right to war against a government that would seek to turn a Democratic Republic into a one party government with unlimited power. If this President and Congress Imposes unlawful legislation, it is not only a right but an obligation of its citizens to prevent this unlawful action by any and all means necessary. The people shall be heard and if necessary mobilized to prevent this assault on a guaranteed freedom. ” The right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon”.

  39. I really hope you Congressmen will actually do y our job and vote this down. Protect our 2nd amendment rights without putting us all into the poor house. Vote NO! If we don’t protect ourselves, no one else will.

  40. Sheila Jackson will have a lot of trouble convincing the blacks to turn in their guns. They made one of them on her.

  41. Sheila Jackson Lee will have trouble getting the black community to comply. They may even one of those guns on her

  42. Leave our guns alone. You are a President that has been making too many changes. Most of them don’t include us in homeless, poverty. You are willing to bring illegal immigrants in and house, food stamp and other things for them. I disagree with the law your trying to pass. We the people are pissed

  43. This is insane. The left is calling for peace and unity yet, they are trying to pass unconstitutional laws that are going to cause a civil war.

  44. Definitely DO NOT need the big government taking any more of our Constitutional rights away. Sounds like the government is trying to get more money (gun insurance) from US citizens.

  45. The new law isn’t banning firearms but will make it impossible or nearly to for good Americans to legally own weapons. Out 2nd amendment is so important in protecting ourselves from unruly government that may try to over reach their power.

  46. I am Pro Second Amendment, its in our constitution, the founders put into it, the people want it, it is Un-American to have anything less. This is the USA, it is not Canada, Europe, Australia, and we do not want act or look like any other country. Stop pushing us, we want liberty and our Second Amendment keeps us safe for the enemies for and domestic and, from those who wish us harm. It is a popular pass time to spend with family and friends, to go on a range, learn safely, and to hunting of all sorts, to mess with this RIGHT, is to fundamentally change this country.

  47. I am Pro Second Amendment, its in our constitution, the founders put into it, the people want it, it is Un-American to have anything less. This is the USA, it is not Canada, Europe, Australia, and we do not want act or look like any other country. Stop pushing us, we want liberty and our Second Amendment keeps us safe for the enemies for and domestic and, from those who wish us harm. It is a popular pass time to spend with family and friends, to go on a range, learn safely, and to hunting of all sorts, to mess with this RIGHT, is to fundamentally change this country. Stophr127 com

  48. We need congress to stop unconstitutional gun laws and crippling unfair taxes on gun owners.
    Taxing $200.00 per gun unfair. We paid tax when we purchased them, we are tax on ammo when we buy it
    They run background checks on us and we have to buy handgun permits to carry them, so we don’t need a federal license too.
    The Second amendment shall not be infringed . Unconstitutional taxes and licenses is infringement.

  49. stop trying to take out right from us ,stop trying to take our gun’s from us it’s not the guns its the idiots that dont care for our rights thats trying to destroy our right as gun owners ,guns dont kill it’s the stupid person behind the gun ….

  50. We, my husband and I do not want our gun rights taken away. We both feel they we have the right under the second amendment the right to keep and bear arms. We have to protect ourselves and taking away our guns or making us have to get mental health test or even pay a higher price is absolutely rediculous.

  51. Stop infringing on my rights as it pertains to guns. The 2bd Amendment says it all. Stop wasting my tax dollars. Go after the criminals!!!

  52. HR127 is unconstitutional. They should spent more effort getting guns out of criminal’s hands instead of trying to infringe on legal gun owners rights. God Bless America!

  53. This is the very reason the Second amendment was created. Only a government up to no good for its constituents would even consider trying to pass such legislation. It smacks of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia under Stalin, China under Mal, Cambodia under the Kimer Rouge; Wake up America they’re attempting to subvert our values and our Country.

  54. A national registry is the beginning of banning all guns, ridding us of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. We then would be in total subjection to the very people we elected to serve us. When guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns. WAKE UP, Conservatives.

  55. Whats the point?

    We have seen crime, fake racism, Mask mandatories, Illegal Lockdowns, President calling Americans racist, theft, riots, job shutdowns, carbon taxes, if you think saying whats on your mind about gun laws and the Constitution than you might as well just make a wish.


  57. This is perhaps one of single most un-american pieces of legislation I have ever seen. It attacks the very core of our fundamental rights. We The People, not you the socialist elite, have an absolute right to keep and bear arms for our own defense. Remember that the criminals that are behind the crimes you claim to want to prevent don’t read and do not care about your laws that kill our Constitution. They will get weapons through their BLM, Antifa and other Criminal networks regardless of what you do at the top of the food chain. The only ones punished by these types of actions are the law-abiding citizens that respect law and the constitution.

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