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Storgap Beta Watch Scam (March) Check Detailed Reviews!

Please read this write-up to be aware regarding Storgap Beta Watch Scam, a common query about an online portal that is currently providing free watches.

Do you want to look fashionable in a plain yet stylish wristwatch? Do you want to explore a website that offers its watches for free? Then, please read this write-up to clarify your queries.

In this article, we have mentioned details about a watch and its brand. Shoppers from several nations, such as France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States, want to know if the provided offer and the brand are genuine. Thus, please read on to know more about the Storgap Beta Watch Scam.

Is Storgap Beta Watch Genuine?

We have provided here some details about this product’s brand. Customers can have a clearer notion of its legitimacy after reading this section.

  • Brand Name – Outcarb
  • Brand Trust Index – 5%, which is a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Brand Age – Ten months old, as the owners created the brand’s portal on 5 April 2021.
  • Brand Rank in Alexa – 624,878, which is an average grading. This rank indicates that many customers have browsed this brand’s site recently. The probable reason for this traffic may be their free offer, reaffirming your thoughts about the Storgap Beta Watch Scam.
  • Customer Reviews – The designers have not given any section where customers can post their comments on purchases.
  • Social Media Linking – The brand’s portal has a promotional video on YouTube. However, there are no social media connections other than this.
  • The Authenticity of Contact Information – The address available on the brand’s website does not belong to it per the Web. Instead, it corresponds to a financial firm. Moreover, no telephone number is present on the platform.

The facts we gathered make this brand appear suspicious. However, we cannot provide any statement regarding Storgap Beta Watch Scam as it is comparatively new.

What is Storgap Beta Watch?

Storgap Beta Watch is a wristwatch collection sold by OTR or Outcarb. It consists of a textured metallic band and an analog dial. The manufacturers have launched the design under beta testing in January 2022. Currently, they are offering free samples of this product to over 120 countries worldwide.


Please note the manufacturing features of this watch.

  • Product Price – The original cost is $150, but presently it is free for a sample offer. This point is critical regarding your consideration of the Storgap Beta Watch Scam.
  • Case material and Type – Stainless steel with brushed black texture
  • Shape and Size of Case – Round; 40 mm
  • The Thickness of Case – 8 mm
  • Dial Type and Color – Analog; Black
  • Detailing of Dial – Markers and hands of black color
  • Material and Texture of Strap – Stainless steel of black-colored mesh
  • Interchangeability of Strap – Possible
  • Glass Type – Hardened
  • Standard of Water Resistance – IP64
  • Power Supply – Battery


Please find the positive aspects of buying this item.

  • The watch’s appearance is sober. Thus, it is perfect for people who want to wear sober accessories to their offices.
  • The color contrast of the dial makes it easier to see the time quickly.

Cons Regarding Storgap Beta Watch Scam

Please find some unpleasant facts about this wristwatch.

  • Some customers of today’s generation may not like the analog dial. This is because the digital system shows many features in addition to time.
  • The standard of water resistance that this watch has is IP64. This protects the watch from splashing only and not from heavy jets or submersion. Thus, users have to open it before swimming or rainfall.

Storgap Beta Watch Reviews

We could not find any reviews about this product on Reddit or Quora. However, we found comments about other products of the same brand on these platforms regarding the Storgap Beta Watch Scam. For instance, in a Reddit thread about Outcarb watches, many users have mentioned that the shipping cost is unreasonable. Whereas some buyers think it is genuine.

Also, another review in Quora mentions that the free offers are not genuine as the brand charges the shipping charges, making up for the product’s cost. However, a user has replied that she thinks its legit. So, overall, there are mixed reviews about this product.


The brand’s dubious website and the critical reviews suggest this product and its offer are suspicious. However, we cannot state Storgap Beta Watch Scam as there are mixed opinions. Thus, we suggest you read How To Analyze The Authenticity Of The Product before exploring it.

Did you buy any watch of this brand? Please share your experiences below.

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