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Sukitz Reviews [June] Is It Really A Reliable Store?

Sukitz Reviews [June] Is It really A Reliable Store? >> This article is about a website that sells sugar-free lollipops for weight loss.

Do you love eating lollipops? Then Sukitz brings them to you in different flavours. However, the buyers want to know how realistic the sugary candies of this site are. In this Sukitz Reviews, we bring you all the benefits and disadvantages of getting lollipops from this site in the United States

What is Sukitz?

It is a lollipop store that sells so many diverse kinds of lollipops. It is available at https://sukitz.com/. There are many flavours available in these lollipops, such as Slushie, Orange whip cream, and Bday Cake. You can get these lollipops in a pack of 12 at 10.80 dollars.

Apart from women, these lollipops are a perfect gift for children. You can also give them out as party favors at a child’s birthday party. Once you eat these candies before a meal, you can reduce your hunger. So, this way, you can reduce weight with the aid of lollipops. 

Celebrities have also endorsed the lollipop diet to reduce weight. It’s because lollipop helps you curb hunger. By eating these candies, you can avoid hunger pangs between the meals. But, for that, you need to consume 12 lollipops a day. So, don’t worry about consuming more calories per day with a lollipop as only 35 calories are present in each one of them. However, Sukitz lollipops contain 46 calories per candy. 

Moreover, at Sukitz lollipops, all the candies are without any sugar. Therefore, they can quickly help in losing weight. 

Harvard School of Public Health has done a study as per which if you consume candy, you are likely to live longer. Its consumption should be equal to 1-3 times in a month. This study also found that if you ate candy more, you are likely to have a longer life. Lollipops at Sukitz are also rich in Vitamin C. They also contain fiber, which aids in better digestion.   

To get lollipops from this website, you have to sign up here. You can get a mood change by eating these lollipops in refreshing flavours such as Sour Pink lemonade and Sour Green Apple. Consuming these lollipops is equivalent to taking an energy drink but without consuming extra sugar. 

Sukitz Slimz lollipops contain 0% cholesterol. They also have 0 fats and 0 calories. Instead of sugar, these lollipops contain Maltitol with 50% calories of sugar but with almost the same level of sweetness. These lollipops weigh 24 grams each. They have 16 grams of sugar alcohol. 

You can eat any of these lollipops to reduce weight but increase energy. So instead of consuming a smoothie, you can eat these lollipops and get the power for a workout. 

Sukitz Creamers lollipops (16 gms of sugar) contain a higher number of candies at 115 calories. However, this line of candies contains chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. They are an ideal snack. It is one of the tastiest delights. Other ranges of sweets sold by Sukitz are Sukitz Sour and Sukitz Fruits. Sukitz Fruits and Sukitz Sour contain 115 calories each. Sukitz Sour has 16 grams of sugar. Sukitz Creamers also has 16 grams of sugar. 

Specifications of Sukitz:

  • Offerings-lollipops
  • Address- not mentioned
  • Shipping time-not mentioned
  • Return-not mentioned
  • Refund-not mentioned
  • Mode of payment-Paypal, Visa,  American Express, and Master Card 
  • Email-not mentioned 

Is Sukitz Legit?

It’s not recommended to buy from this website as the address is not listed. Apart from the address, there is no mention of any contact information including any phone number and email id. However, since TV star Kat Graham eats these candies, you must try them out. 

The lollipops are also priced at reasonable rates, such as one lollipop pack of 12 costs 10.80 dollars. 

Neither the website contains any customer reviews nor does any social media account handle. 

 Pros of getting products from Sukitz

  • Lollipops are sold in different varieties and flavours 
  • For losing weight, you can get the Sukitz Slimz Flavours.

Cons of getting products from Sukitz

  • Since the website is a one-page website, you don’t whether to trust it or not. 

What are the customers saying about Sukitz com? 

Although the customers have not given any reviews about the site, there have been celebrities using its products. Famous TV and movie star Kat Graham eats sugar-free lollipops of Sukitz to lose weight. These lollipops contain extracts of African Mango. So, this should boost some credibility in the product. Kat Graham is known for her role as a witch in the popular series “The Vampire Diaries.” So, our Sukitz Reviews are positive. 

Final verdict 

This website sells commendable lollipops, and you should try them once but after doing your manual check. Since it uses https in its website address, your shopping information is safe with it, though it does not guarantee.

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