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Tawjihi .com {Aug} See All The Facts About The Website!

The article Tawjihi .com details the two websites and their primary goals, which are to provide content for the general public and students.

Are you a person who is passionate about studying? Do you know that the university you studied at helps you modify your personality and qualification levels? The Morocco government’s Ministry Of Higher Education, Research, And Innovation created an open-accessible platform for easy access and clear transparency website for the graduates to get into the public institutions So, in this article, we will look at Tawjihi .com.

The website analysis 

The word “Tawjihi” is an Arabic word. It means “guide,” so the website is created to guide the students or people. This website provides some educational guidance to students on displaying the college degree courses and the university name; but clicking the details redirects to another website.

Legitimacy analysis

  • The domain is not yet purchased.
  • It was created on May 21, 2002, so the age of the domain is 20 years.
  • It has secured a trust score of 60%.

According to the trust score, it might be a legit website, but it doesn’t look like a real website.

Tawjihi .Ma

This is another website in the name of Tawjihi. It upholds the meaning of the word. Yes, it is a national educational website that guides and helps people to get into public universities for their higher education. This website is an interactive site that simulates the bachelor’s application procedures to enroll in public universities. 

But only baccalaureate holders are eligible to enroll. Even foreign candidates can also enroll at public universities like higher schools of technology, faculties of science and technology, and national schools of art and design. The website assists students in their studies for the academic year (2022 to 2023)

Uses of the website

The Tawjihi .com website discusses only two topics: accounting and business finance software. This website is 20 years old, and it is going to expire in 2 years. But they have not provided any quality information for the people. Some of the famous website legitimacy score checkers have claimed this website as an unsafe and unsecured one. 

Meanwhile, the Tawjihi ma website provides comprehensive information about the application process, eligibility criteria, student FAQ section, and so on. Not only have they cared for Moroccan citizens, but also foreign candidates. But every candidate has to provide their nationality details in the website 

A similar term

Tawjihi .com claims to be one of the best sources of all information, but all they have are random university websites, such as Canada University, and even some local websites. But while looking at the name “tawjihi”, everyone remembers the higher secondary exam which takes place in Jordan and Palestine. It is the last exam stage for the school students of that country.


If you are a Moroccan baccalaureate and want to pursue a university high education, don’t mix up Tawjihi com with another website that ends with “ma”. The latter website assists and directs you to prestigious institutions. Tawjihi exams are not related to the Tawjihi .com website; it is different from the education programmes and exams. People have to be more conscious because this website doesn’t look like real one. For more information

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