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Test Playground Fnf Remake 3 (Aug 2021) Details Inside!

The guide shares the details of Test Playground Fnf Remake 3 and the excitement you can enjoy in the new version.  

Friday Night Funkin is the rhythmic music game that is getting quite popular amongst Worldwide gamers. Now the game is attracting more players to the platform, especially after the wonderful FnF tool, Test Playground Remake 3. 

Test Playground Remake 3 is the new fun tool in the game that lets you experiment with different characters from the FnF MODs. The tool is the third entry to the FnF based character creator development by the developer MadManToss.

With Test Playground Fnf Remake 3, players can test the assets in the game and the original FnF characters.  

What is Test Playground Remake 3?

Test Playground Remake 3 is the test tool in the FnF created by username MadManToss from the FnF universe. The test tool lets the Worldwide players create their Karaoke with their desired song using the voices of their favorite characters in the game and change the game’s backgrounds.  

With the new Test Playground Fnf Remake 3 tool, players can test the favorite characters in different MODs. In the test tool, players will also meet the new characters to test using the new toll. 

In total, there are fifteen characters in the new version of the test tool. Players can move the characters around with the arrow key and even change the look by pressing the “B” button. So, players can have a fun time testing these characters. 

How to Use the New Version Test Playground Fnf Remake 3 Tool?

Players interested in using the tool need to get the FnF MOD in their device. The FNF Mod is easy to play using the mouse and keyboard. There are specific arrow keys that players have to use to manage the testing tool on their device and test the characters, create new songs, change the background and the characters’ appearances. 

What are the Characters Included in the Test Playground Remake 3?

Fifteen characters are included in the third remake of the MOD, and all characters are taken from different MODs of the game. The list characters you will find in the Test Playground Fnf Remake 3 are:

  • Agoti
  • Starving Artist 
  • Shaggy
  • Matt
  • Duck
  • Monika
  • Bus
  • Big Chungus
  • Static
  • CJ
  • Annie
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Sketchy 

The new MOD allows you to create your FnF universe using the desired characters, their voices, and different songs. Apart from the characters, players will also find new backgrounds in the version. The green screen background is newly added, allowing customizing the colors, pitches and changing the characters while listening to the original music of the previous versions. 


Test Playground Fnf Remake 3 is making news amongst gamers globally. The new version of the test allows the gamers to enjoy many exciting things in the MOD.     

Players who are playing Friday Night Funkin know the excitement attached to the new MODs of the game. So, they get them on their device to enjoy the MODs and its fun playability.   

Do you use the Test Playground Remake 3? How is your experience? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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