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Texas A&M Band Masks (Jan 2022) Read It Know Full story!

Texas A&M Band Masks (Jan 2022) Read It to Know Full story! >>Are you aware of the latest funny and precarious incident of wearing face masks? If not, go through the article and find out.

Covid-19 has taken a toll on the lives of people and turned our lives upside down. In our wildest dreams, we never thought that there would come a time when we will be wearing masks and will fear to meet anyone without precautions. But, life is uncertain, as we all know.

Covid-19 has taught us the importance of masks in keeping infections and viruses at bay. People have discovered various ways of wearing masks. 

And one such hilarious way was recently seen at the LSU game where face masks were worn with a hole near the mouth by the Texas A&M Band. The latest trending hot topic these days is Texas A&M Band Masks in the United States.

Importance of Masks stated by WHO

Not wearing a mask increases the chance of becoming a victim of the deadly virus many folds. The use of face masks reduced the infection of Corona Virus by 78000 in Italy and by 66000 in New York City. 

Using face masks, coupled with social distancing and other precautions, reduces the spread of the virus upto many tunes. Texas A&M Band Masks was the defying incident of guidelines of WHO.

Face masks prevent the droplets of an infected person from reaching the uninfected one and save the uninfected from the aerosols coming from the infected person while breathing.

How to wear Face Masks properly

One must follow the laid down points to wear a mask instead of wearing them like the Texas A&M Band Masks.

  • Hands must be washed thoroughly before wearing the face mask and after taking it off, and every time you touch the mask.
  • It must cover your mouth, nose up till chin.
  • Put the mask in a plastic bag once used. If the mask is a surgical one, throw it after putting it in a plastic bag, and if it is a fabric mask, wash it every time with soap before use.
  • Masks should not have any opening or hole or valve, whatsoever, in the middle. It should be a single piece without breakage or gap.

How did Texas A&M Band wear the masks?

The Texas A&M Band Masks are in the news of late as the band members wore the masks quite differently and, in fact, hilariously. 

Their masks had a large hole near the opening of mouth to play their respective musical instruments. But does wearing the face masks like that makes any sense? Well, the answer is “NO.” 

According to various research and WHO guidelines on wearing masks, it is clearly stated that if a mask has a valve or a cut or a hole of any kind, it is of no use as the infection will spread from that particular hole or valve or gap. So, people found it a hilarious site.

Message to people

People should not try to copy the Texas A&M Band Masks style and stick to the guidelines issued by WHO to wear face masks and follow the required precautions.

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