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Tharm Definition {May} Explore The Quiz Hint’s Meaning!

The information provided in this article is all about the hints and answers to Wordle 342 and how Tharm Definition is the hint for the same.

Who doesn’t like playing games? All of us want some time of the day to spend playing fun games. Wordle is a game that you can play daily with its amazing challenges. In countries like the United States, and Canada, this game has become a part of everyone’s routine. 

Tharm Definition could be a hint of Wordle 342. Let us find out more hints about Wordle in this article. 

Wordle 342

Did you try yesterday’s challenge? Were you able to crack it? If no? Then we are here to help you. We shall help you win the daily challenge. Tharm is the hint of Wordle 342 that it starts with the letter T, which states that it is a word used for human intestine. But the right answer is ‘TIARA.’

Wordle game is played by millions of people because of its daily challenges and other versions. The fun element in these types of games is constant. As the game gets tougher, the challenges are becoming a little hard to crack. Hope, Tharm Definition is now clear to you.

What are the hints? 

As we search on the Internet about the hints of Wordle 342, it shows that Tharm is one of the hints. The answer is also a 5 letter word, and it starts with T and follow the format ‘T_AR_. Hence there are some words which start with the letter T. They are given below:

  • Tiara
  • Tharm
  • Twarp
  • Toart
  • Tharl
  • Tharm

These are some 5 letter words starting with T. The right answer must be from these words. 

Is Tharm Definition the answer? 

As we know that the answer to the Wordle 342 starts with the letter T, and also, Tharm is one hint and not the correct answer. But we have got more hints for you if you are still unable to guess. The hints are as follows:

  • The word is a noun. 
  • There is a vowel in this word which is used twice. 
  • There are three syllables in these words. 

These are a few hints which will help you win the challenge. Tharm shouldn’t be the answer, only a hint. Therefore, people are searching the Tharm Definition. If you are still unable to guess the right word, then let us tell you the correct answer. And it is ‘TIARA’.

Tips and tricks 

This game is easy, but it gets tough sometimes to guess the answer. But if you play it systematically, then you can win easily. As the blocks change to red, green or grey when you type the letter, you can consider the used letters for your understanding. In this way, the game becomes simpler to crack. 


Wordle game’s increasing popularity and has developed its users and has made people hook over its challenges. People search for the answers on the Internet when they fail to guess the right answers. Similarly, Tharm Definition was one such hint to Wordle 342.

Are you interested in playing Wordle? And do you want to understand more about the Wordle game, then go to this link.  

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