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Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website [June] Based on a real-life story

Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website [June] Based on a real-life story -> This article covers all the details about Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website and how it came into existence in the United States.

Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website is a non-profit organization in the United States. Its main focus is on organ donation for children. 

Matt and Melissa Graves created the website in memory of their lovely child Lane Thomas. They raise funds and encourage child organ donation for families whose children are undergoing traumatic experiences.

They have helped 70 families so far and are raising funds to help more.

Who Is Lane Thomas?

According to https://www.lanethomas.org/, Lane Thomas Graves is the child of Matt and Melissa Graves and the younger brother of Ella Graves. Lane Thomas was two years and nine months old in June 2016 before the family lost him.

According to https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/inspirational-stories/news/a46264/lane-graves-lane-thomas-foundation/, Lane Thomas died in a Disney Resort due to an Alligator attack. 

The whole family underwent a hugely traumatic experience due to his loss. The family later decided to create a foundation in honor of the legacy left by Lane Thomas. The foundation helps other families during the same experience.

According to the family, Lane Thomas had a cheerful and happy aura with which he would light up the mood of an entire room. He was a gentle kid and would always say his name as Lane Thomas instead of Lane Thomas Graves. Therefore, the family named the foundation as Lane Thomas.

Points To Note About The Situation:

  • The foundation is named after the son of Matt and Melissa Graves
  • Lane Thomas lived for two years, nine months and 11 days before he passed away
  • The family lost Lane Thomas in June 2016
  • The foundation’s aim is to support families whose children need organ donations
  • Child organ transplant is possible only when the donor is a child
  • The foundation works hard to bust the myths of child organ donations in society  

Linking Of The Situation:

The entire family of Lane Thomas suffered a lot after losing him. When they were in trouble, they say that many people reached them to offer help. Without their support, they wouldn’t have been able to overcome it.

Therefore, to provide the same support to other families, they raise funds through donations. The family’s main aim is to make their son proud and show gratitude towards those who helped them in times of need.

The Thomas Lane Fundraiser Website spreads awareness about child organ donation to help needy children. It also supports the non-medical expenses of the family, so that the child’s physical and mental needs could be met.

Personal Life Of The Person Involved:

The family of Lane Thomas used to be a lovely family of four people with a mother, father, daughter, and son. When their son Lane Thomas passed away at the age of two, their world was shattered. They couldn’t carry on with their lives in the same way they used to do before. 

To give meaning to their son’s legacy, the whole family joined and created the Lane Thomas Foundation. They made it their mission to help others by providing support and raising awareness among the public.

Views Of People On Child Organ Donation:

When the family started their journey, they found that there are many myths centered around child organ donation. Moreover, the need for organ donation for children increased every year.

The main problem that they found was that the majority of parents were unwilling to learn more about child organ donation. Only a minority of 17% of parents showed any interest in learning more about it.

This shows that there is a lot of fear and myths in society regarding organ donation. This would take a long time to change. However, every effort made by the organization is one step closer to change.


The family of Lane Thomas did not let the tragedy ruin them. Instead, they rose above and dedicated their lives to help other families.

According to https://youtu.be/ETKUeMa5Bxc, the number of children who need organ transplants is more than they initially expected. The main organs in demand include the heart, liver, and kidney. 

However, a child can accept an organ donation only from another child and not from an adult. A single child has the potential to save 8 children. 

If you want to support the organization and its cause, you can go to their website to donate.

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