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Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel (Jan 2021) Fix Now!

Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel (Jan 2021) Fix Now! >> The write-up is to share details about the standard error that My Telkomsel users experience.  

Telkomsel is the online application by Telkomsel and is explicitly designed to perform activities related to Telkomsel cards. However, things become annoying and irritating when these activities can’t be carried out. Users in Indonesia want to know why they Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel

However, there are many underlying reasons why users can’t log in to My Telkomsel application. When the error occurs, it prevents the users from checking the quotes, internet packages, purchasing credits and more. 

The application may be inaccessible for many reasons, and it is necessary to learn how to fix them and re-access My Telkomsel App. 

What is My Telkomsel App?

My Telkomsel is the online application by Telkomsel. The application is for Indonesia users who want to use it to check quota, credits, purchasing packages, redeeming points, and do other activities online.  

The Telkomsel users widely use the application for purchasing internet packages and adding credits to their account. Just like other applications, users often experience an error while using the application. 

The most common error is Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel. The error means users are unable to access their account and login My Telkomsel successfully. Users want to know the exact reason behind unsuccessful login into My Telkomsel application. 

As mentioned, there are different factors behind such errors. Some of the effective ways to overcome the error are discussed below to log in into My Telkomsel app successfully.

How to Overcome Tidak Bisa Login Error?

  • Force Close Application and Restart – The error occurs when there is difficulty establishing a connection with the application’s server. If this is the case, you have to force close the application from the setting menu, restart the smartphone, and log in again.
  • Clear Data and Cache – The second option to overcome Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel is by clearing the data and cache. The data and cache interfere with the RAM performance and make the application to crash. The solution is to remove the application’s data and cache and restart it again to solve it.
  • Update My Telkomsel App –Sometimes, the error is due to the My Telkomsel App’s older version. The solution is to update the application to fix some of the errors and bugs. It will help solve the error, and you can log in to the application with ease.
  • Server Downtime – Server downtime also causes the error in some application. So, in such case, you don’t have any option rather than waiting until the server resumes. 
  • Reinstall My Telkomsel App – If you still face the error, the final remedy is to reinstall the My Telkomsel app. You have to delete the application and uninstall it from your Smartphone and reinstall it from the app store.  


Here is the list of reasons behind the error Tidak Bisa Login My Telkomsel along with the solutions. Hopefully, all these fixes will solve the error and allow you to login again into My Telkomsel app.

If you have anything to add about the application or the error, please write it down in the comment section. 

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