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Use TikTok Video Downloader Without Watermark Tool for Watermark-Free Videos

TikTok is a popular social media platform offering different content unmatched by any other social media application, ensuring all users find something they like. With simple swipes and scrolls, users are likely to find reels and videos that are useful and informative. They want to download the video to stream later or post it on other social media channels. 

TikTok allows downloading videos directly from the application. But the videos come with a watermark logo, and many users may find the watermarks annoying or bothering. In that case, users may use the online tiktok video downloader without watermark tool to download their favorite videos without those bouncing watermarks and timestamps.     

What is the TikTok Video Downloader Tool?

TikTok Video Downloader is an online tool allowing users to get their favorite reels, videos and content on their respective devices without the watermarks. TikTok videos are downloadable, and one can get their favorite reels and videos directly from the social media application. However, the videos come with timestamps and watermarks bouncing at the corner. Many users find those watermarks irritating and want to remove them before using the video on other applications. 

So, for those users, the TikTok Video Downloader tool is designed that help download the videos hassle-free without the watermarks.

TikTok Video Downloader without Watermark – How to Use the Tool?

TikTok is a social media application offering users different content and short videos. Unfortunately, the application lacks native tools to download the videos without a watermark to protect the owner’s copyrights. Fortunately, there are 3rd party tools, and sites that can do the trick for you and remove the watermarks from the video. However, there are certain steps that users need to follow to use the online tool to remove the watermarks.

  • Launch the TikTok application on your device
  • Search the short video or reel you want to download
  • Copy the URL of the short video 
  • Launch the web browser (Chrome) and open the online tool
  • On the tool, you will find a space to paste the copied URL or inputs
  • After you paste the URL, click on the “Download” button
  • The processing will start, and after it is finished, the video will get saved automatically to the default location
  • When you open the video, you will see the magic happen as the watermark is removed from the video

These are the steps users have to take to use the online tool and remove the watermarks or timestamps from the TikTok reels and videos.

Is It Legal to Download TikTok Video?

Before using tiktok video downloader  tool, users need to know if there is copyright infringement issues in downloading or using someone’s TikTok Videos. According to the community guidelines, TikTok users are not allowed to share, re-post or send TikTok videos and content that violates the video owners’ copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights.

So, most videos have a watermark with usernames, time, and logos. But, if you want to download those videos and reels to repost on other social media platforms, you may use the online TikTok Video Downloader tool. It is legal and ethical to download your favorite TikTok videos without watermarks. 

Is TikTok Video Downloader Tool Free to Use?

The online tool is free, and there is no fee users have to pay. The tool is accessible to all, and you don’t need to have any special plug-ins, extensions or software to use the tool.

Users must launch the web browser, visit the TikTok Video Downloader website, and complete the downloading process for free.


TikTok users and video creators can benefit from downloading the videos without a watermark. The above guide has outlined the easy methods and tools to eliminate the watermarks in the videos at no extra cost. The online tiktok video downloader without watermark website, ppptik.com, allows users to download their favorite short videos and reels without watermarks, logos or trademarks, and it is a free service. 

Regardless of the video or reels you choose to download; the results will remain the same every time, watermark-free and crisp videos for viewing and reposting. So, try downloading the TikTok videos today on the online tool and see the magic happening on the downloaded videos. It needs no extensions or fees, and the process is simple and easy to understand.

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