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Tom Austin Net Worth 2022 {Aug} Know Exclusive Detail!

The guide shares details about Tom Austin Net Worth 2022 to help readers know how much he earns.   

Do you love wearing sneakers and are aware of the renowned brand AND1? AND1 is one of the reputed and renowned brands in the basketball market. Three college friends started the brand, and it soon became a multi-million company. 

The co-founders were Jay Coen Gilbert and Seth Berger, but things changed when Tom Austin joined the company. The three co-founders took the company to its pinnacle to become a leading brand in the United States and the United Kingdom. Since Tom Austin was the key player, everyone wants to know Tom Austin Net Worth 2022.

What is the Net Worth of Tom Austin in 2022?

After evaluating online, we have found very little information about Tom Austin, and after resigning from AND1, he joined a personal and adaptive coaching company, Masterchats. He is also a LinkedIn article contributor.

There is no information available about his net worth and monthly income. He is serving as the co-founder and CEO at Masterchats presently. He has not disclosed his net worth to the public, and it is unknown how much the CEO earns in a month. So, the net worth can’t be shared now.

Tom Austin Net Worth 2022 – Tom Austin for the Growth of AND1

After Tom Austin joined the company, the trio came up with new ideas to create a clothing line with slogans used on the basketball court. The idea became a hit, and soon the company developed a culture based on the street ball and hip-hop.         

Tom Austin and other co-founders were instrumental in AND1 success, and Tom played a key role. Tom Austin put all his efforts into taking the company to new heights. However, the company’s wiki page has not disclosed anything about Tom Austin Net Worth 2022.

He resigned from the position after working for a couple of years and co-founded Masterchats, where he is acting as a CEO. So, it is clear how much Tom earned from AND1 and how much his monthly income as a CEO in Masterchats.

Where does AND1 Stand Now?

Tom Austin played a crucial role in making the company popular and a reputed brand in the basketball market. After his retirement, the company was never the same. Things started to change quickly after he left the company. The businesses started to tumble, and the co-founders decided to sell the brand. 

The company was finally sold, and Tom Austin founded a company called Masterchats, where he is serving as CEO. But, Tom Austin Net Worth 2022 is still not disclosed on the company’s wiki page. So, readers must wait until any update on his net worth is available.


AND1 is a renowned clothing and footwear brand specializing in basketball shoes, sporting goods and clothing. Tom Austin joined the company and took the brand to its pinnacle. The co-founders are trending because of the new film scheduled to release on 23rd August 2022 on Netflix. After watching the trailer, many people searched for Tom Austin Net Worth 2022. However, the net worth is not disclosed to the public; hence, Tom’s net worth is unknown.

Do you know his net worth? Please share it in the comment section. 

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