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Topgcobratate Com {July} How It Works, Authenticity!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Topgcobratate com. Also, learn about its features and legitimacy.

Did you know that Andrew Tate is also known as Top G, Cobra Tate, and King Cobra in the United States? Are you aware that Andrew and his brother make money while sitting back and relaxing? You may wonder how it is possible? 

As per sources, Tate’s brother admitted that their business is a Scam. Tate’s brother earns money by selling fake stories of models. Let’s scrutinize the facts below about Topgcobratate com.

How Topgcobratate.com works?

The website Topgcobratate has restricted access. Topgcobratate does not show any content but redirects users to tutortate.carrd.co. Tutortate.carrd.co includes a video of Andrew telling the viewers that he can show them an easy way of making money. 

The video encourages viewers to join Hustler’s University 2.0 program, where a community of millionaires guides people to earn approximately $2,500 within two weeks. The website specifies that they deal with finances, stocks, e-commerce, Etc.

The website Topgcobratate is a combination of names by which Andrew is famous. As Topgcobratate pages are unaccessible, the content of terms, privacy, customer service email and phone number were not viewable.

About Topgcobratate com:

Andrew is famous on social media and a well-known millionaire. He was a kickboxer. Later, he was criticized for bad act to his girlfriend during the Big Brother 17 show. Andrew responded that he and his girlfriend were making a video. Andrew was banned on Twitter for his remarks about women, depression, and physical torture. 

Police raided Andrew’s house after receiving information that a woman was held captive. The police found an American and a Romanian woman at Andrew’s residence.

Tate’s brother carries out a web cam business where models working for them take fake calls for $4/minute. Let’s check features of Topgcobratate com in below section. As per sources, the models sell their fake stories of suffering, which make the viewers sob, get emotional, and donate a massive sum of money. One of the viewers gave £20K. Please note that all the details are from the web only, we do not blame or support anyone.

Features of Topgcobratate.com:

It is clear that due to the immense popularity of Cobra Tate, the domain name Topgcobratate.com was selected. Topgcobratate.com was registered on 16th-July-2022 in Canada for the next year until 16th-June-2023. It is a three days old website with a short life expectancy.

The identity and contact information of the Topgcobratate com’s owner is censored using the services of Contact Privacy Inc. Hence, it is not clear if Andrew is officially related to the website.

Topgcobratate.com uses a secured HTTPS connection with a valid SSL certificate active for the next 87 days. Topgcobratate is hosted on two servers located in the USA.


Topgcobratate.com is a Scam as the website achieved a terrible 1% Trust Score, a Zero Alexa ranking, and a below-average Business Ranking of 38.4%. Topgcobratate.com scored 48% on threat and phishing profiles, 17% on suspicion and spam profiles, and 19% on malware profiles, respectively. Due to its recent launch, no user reviews are available on the internet. Hence, Topgcobratate.com is not recommended.

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    1. Hi Idriss! We recommend avoiding this platform as we found this is all scams. You can also read all the details in the respective blog to safeguard yourself. Stay safe and alert!

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