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Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Legit?

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Legit? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store offering a portable, compact, and mobile cooling equipment equipped with advanced features.

Are you troubled by the soaring heat that refuses to abate? Check out tornadofreeze.com

It’s hard to deny that as the summers approach their peak, we feel the brunt of it and find it difficult to carry out our day to day activities with ease. 

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner

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Portable air conditioners are becoming a massive hit among all the sections of our population. Their various advanced features make them a convenient, cost-effective, and innovative product. 

To make summer bearable, several sites have begun to offer mobile air conditioners, and they have started to replace the need for conventional air conditioners. 

Read Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews to know more about a lightweight, portable air conditioner that has recently gained a lot of attention. 

Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner is being offered in the United States

What is tornadofreeze.com?

It is an online store that offers a portable and mobile air conditioning device. The product is backed by many advanced features like adjustable fan speeds, in-built purifying humidifier, noiseless operation, etc. Currently, the product is being offered at a considerable discount on the website.


  • Website type: online store offering a portable cooling device. https://tornadofreeze.com/
  • Email: support@tornadofreeze.com
  • Shipping time: Not mentioned in the site
  • Delivery time: 8-15 days
  • Return: Applicable within 30 days
  • Shipping charge: Applicable
  • Refund: Applicable by contacting customer support
  • Contact number: 949-627-2387
  • Address: Newport Beach, California, US
  • Mode of payment: Amex, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Review

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Is tornadofreeze.com legit?

To arrive at an authentic conclusion about the site’s legitimacy, we scrutinized this site. As of now, the site only features one product, that is, their portable air conditioner.

The site does not have an ‘About’ page, which is crucial to maintaining its legitimacy.

However, they have slightly compensated for its absence by providing a FAQ section. You can get the necessary information that you need about the company or their product from this section.

 We can also see many customer reviews about the AC on the site, and all of them are mostly positive. But we cannot attribute all these positive reviews as verified and legitimate since elsewhere on the internet; there is no mention of this site or its product.

The site claims to have been featured on popular websites like Business Insider, Yahoo, etc. Once checked thoroughly, we cannot find the ground on which they made this claim. Thus we cannot call this site a legitimate one.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews

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Pros of buying the product from tornadofreeze.com

  • Portable, lightweight, and mobile AC offered
  • Attractive discounts are being provided on the product as of now
  • The AC operates without much noise
  • The product is eco-friendly and comes with an in-built purifying humidifier
  • Lets you save on your electricity bill by providing instant cooling

Cons of buying the product from tornadofreeze.com

  • COD cannot be availed on the product
  • Not much customer traffic on the website
  • Absence of a proper ‘About’ page
  • The site does not have any social media presence.

What people are saying about tornadofreeze.com

As mentioned above, there are many positive Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews on the site. On the contrary, there are none available outside the site on the internet. The site’s or the product’s lack of social media presence can contribute to its low customer traffic worldwide.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner  where to buy

Final verdict

After carefully examining this site, we can conclude that the site cannot be trusted fully. One should practice utmost caution while navigating the site. There are specific parameters on which we have not been able to attain full information.

Firstly, any credible site should maintain a proper ‘About’ page lacking in this site. The site should also be mentioned at least in one place that is outside of its domain

However, the site claims that it has been featured on popular websites, but we could find it true. One wonders why such claims in the first place, then?

Besides, a credible site maintains an authentic social media presence to expand its products’ influence among a wider audience. This site does not seem to have done so. We cannot rely on a few positive reviews available inside the site.

Hence we do not trust this site and would recommend you do the same, as it does not seem to be legit enough.

0 thoughts on “Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Legit?

  1. just unpacked mine, no battery, a battery slot that doesn’t fit any battery I have ever seen, no description of battery, the Usb to micro usb cable is there, but there is no obvious port to connect it to the appliance, no detailed instructions for this particular part.

  2. These suck. Horrible horrible product. Bought five of them. Took weeks to get And when we tried to return them a week later we were told we had to pay shipping and they would charge a restocking fee of 15%. Horrible customer service they don’t work we don’t want them so now they are going to refund us half to just keep them. Keep them for what? You have a money back 30 day guarantee. What the hell do I want five useless boxes that don’t do a single thing but have lights on them. You can put freezing cold ice in them and if you don’t have it strapped to your neck you feel NOTHING. Complete and total rip off.

    The Blahnik’s

  3. Worst thing I have ever bought!!! Waste of money!!!! Leaks water and does not get anything cool unless u r standing right in front of it!!! Emailed the company multiple times they have never got back to me!!!!

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