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Tower Makati Burgundy Corporate {July} Read Incident!

This article shares complete detail about Tower Makati Burgundy Corporate and more about the elevator collapse incident. Follow our article to know further.                        

Are you aware of the elevator collapse of Makati Tower? Do you know how this incident occurred? If not, then this article is what you have been looking for. The collapse of the Makati tower elevator has become the most viral news in the Philippines.

In this article today, we will cover every detail about Tower Makati Burgundy Corporate and further detail on the collapse incident. To know more, follow the blog below.

Details on Burgundy Tower:

This is 38-storey Tower. This building is situated on Gil Puyat Avenue, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City. A resident of this tower has the facility to access any mode of transport due to the good location of the building. The building covers a total area of around 54000 sq mi and has a typical floor plate of 1430 sq mi. The efficiency of its floors is 90 %. Many malls and retail shops are located close to this Burgundy Corporate Tower, making it quite flexible for the residents to buy anything.

Elevator collapse incident in Burgundy tower:

The recent news about the burgundy tower incident has shocked everyone. After hearing about such an incident, people are willing to know about the entire collapse incident. As per the report, at around 2:55 am, the elevator suddenly lost control and fell from the 38th floor to the 6th floor. Two people were reported injured after such a terrible incident.

The incident is under investigation by the policeman. The Bureau of fire protection and Disaster risk reduction management office in Makati also commented after a disaster incident in Burgundy Tower Makati.

It is said that the incident occurred due to the casualties of the elevator installer and workers of the DLC contractor. After noticing such an incident occur early Friday morning on social platforms, people were shocked and are continuously sharing this news on social sites while the entire incident is still under investigation.

As per sources, the incident occurred before dawn when the installers were trying to replace the non-functional elevator car of Burgundy tower and Gil Puyat Avenue. We have shared further detail about the incident and its victims just below.

Further detail about Tower Makati Burgundy Corporate incident:

After the recent collapse of the elevator in Burgundy tower, it is said that there were 4 victims of this incident. Two were found dead, while the other two were badly injured. The police investigating this incident added that the victims were repairing an elevator on the 6th floor. Suddenly, the elevator, which lost its control, failed from the 38th floor and stopped until it reached the basement.

The incident of the elevator collapse in Burgundy tower was quite terrible. This article provides complete detail. And to know more about the Burgundy tower elevator collapse incident, click on this link 

This article shares every detail about Tower Makati Burgundy Corporate and further detail on its elevator collapse incident.

Are you aware of the elevator collapse incident in Burgundy tower? Comment your views.

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