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Toyota 80th Anniversary Giveaway Scam (May) Stay Alert!

Toyota 80th Anniversary Giveaway Scam (May) Stay Alert! >> Do you know the top car manufacturing company is giving away a huge gift on its anniversary? Please get to know the truth behind it.

Hey! Readers, there is one link going viral over the centralized messaging app in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom that Toyota is giving away gift on its 80th anniversary.

People Worldwide going gaga over the hot news and rushing towards the internet to know is Toyota 80th Anniversary Giveaway Scam? As always, we are here to solve your confusion and guide you on the correct path. So let’s get started.

About Toyota

Toyota is a Japan-based multinational Automotive manufacturing company whose headquarters situated in Toyota. It was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda and founded in the year August 28, 1937.

Recently there is a viral message about Toyota, its anniversary, and give-away contest and people are curious to know the truth. Suppose you are one of those, then please read the below section.

Is Toyota 80th Anniversary Giveaway Scam? 

We have gathered some points here to prove that the viral link floating over the internet is a fake message:

  • As per our research, Toyota was established in 1937, and officially, it celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2017. So how come Toyota celebrates its 80th anniversary again in 2021?
  • The link http://1s7wttd.nodxteh.cn, which is going viral itself, creates suspicion. The link is not encrypted with https protocol, so not safe to use such a non-SSL encrypted link. Also, the link ends with (.cn), which makes it suspicious.
  • Why would a top car selling company give Toyota Corolla as gift for answering simple questions like Do you know Toyota? Really!
  • The page has so many grammatical mistakes that can never be expected from a reputed company like Toyota. So this point also adds to Toyota 80th Anniversary Giveaway Scam.
  • At the end of the page, one can see many comments of the people saying they received the gift; if you observe it, it can be seen that the comments and the people images are inserted manually. 
  • After opening the link, the next step asks you to share the message in five groups or with 20 friends and claims no matter how many times you play every time you win Toyota Corolla. Isn’t it sound strange!

So, examining the points mentioned above carefully, it is now clear about Toyota 80th Anniversary Giveaway Scam? Yes! It is a fake message, so please don’t get yourself into a trap

What if you receive the link? 

The link is already floating in many people’s phones; suppose you find one such link, we suggest you ignore the message. Do not open the link in a hurry, which may take you to an inappropriate site and steal your personal information. So be very careful. But, if you still be a victim of online scam, then click here to know how to protect yourself from it. 


After reading the above article carefully, do you still believe that the gift from Toyota on its anniversary true news? Toyota corolla price starts from approximately 15 lakh, comes with excellent safety features and good fuel economy. We wonder why Toyota will give such a costly gift for no reason. 

Is Toyota 80th Anniversary Giveaway Scam? What is your opinion? Please share your perspective in the comments block provided below.

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