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Toyota Free Gift Scam (May 2021) A Scam You Must Know!

Toyota Free Gift Scam (May 2021) A Scam You Must Know! >> Please learn about the new online scam and methods to report it for faster and immediate actions.      

Every year thousands of people are cheated by online scammers. They dupe innocent people via messages and emails and steal their personal information to do scams. Recently, people in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States are being tricked by Toyota 80th Anniversary Fake or Scam Messages. 

Many people are receiving online text messages with a link to click. The message is claimed to be from Toyota, and it is offering Toyota Corolla as a gift to those who click the link and take the online survey. 

It is a part of another scam, and people must stay alert of such Toyota Free Gift Scam.

A Few Words about Toyota Gift Scam

Toyota Gift Scam is the new viral message that online scammers circulate via the social messaging application WhatsApp. The message claims to offer gifts from Toyota and even a grand prize of Toyota Corolla Sedan car during its 80th celebration for Anniversary. 

The scam message comes with the original Toyota symbol and logo, and recipients are lured with free gifts. The message also comprises a link that redirects the users to a suspicious portal to take a survey to win the gifts. People are urged not to get lured for such Toyota Free Gift Scam.

These are online scams and must be avoided as the 80th Anniversary of Toyota has been celebrated back in 2017 because the company was commenced on 28th August 1937. So, the 80th Anniversary celebration has already been celebrated. Besides, the link is not officially associated with Toyota as it redirects the users to a suspicious website.

All these factors consider the messages as a scam, and they must be avoided. In addition, people must alert others about the free gift scam and prevent them from getting the next victim. 

Is Toyota Free Gift Scam or Real?

As updated earlier, the free gift offer from Toyota is a scam as the company is not offering any free gift or car as a part of their 80th Anniversary celebration. There are multiple factors to learn it as a scam. 

  • The URL users are redirected to is suspicious. The URL used is http://1s7wttd.nodxteh.&#8211, and it appears to be dubious because it is not SSL encoded as it uses “http” instead of “https.” Besides, the domain is associated with a Chinese-originated website. 
  • The website seems suspicious because there are many grammatical errors found in the website. It is not a legitimate website to share information, and hence Toyota Free Gift Scam is confirmed.  
  • After you complete the survey, you win a Corolla car, and you can’t claim it until you share the link to 20 friends or a group on the messaging application.    

All these factors are enough to consider the message a scam and not legit. Therefore, people who are receiving the message must report it to FTC.

What You Must Do?

If you did receive the scam message, you must report it to spam@uce.gov. You must report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission, and the authorities will investigate the scam message. To know more about what you must do, please click here to know how to protect yourself from the online scam. 


Online scam is the new normal for many people worldwide, and Toyota Free Gift Scam is true. Unfortunately, many people receive scam messages daily, and only a few fortunate can manage to distinguish it as a scam message.

People who are receiving messages must stay alert and report them to FTC immediately for further actions.

Have you received such scam messages on your phone? Please share your experiences in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Toyota Free Gift Scam (May 2021) A Scam You Must Know!

  1. I have just got it now but my phone tells me that I am being redirected to a suspicious website.

    1. Hi Ajoh Kuol Bior, Could you please elaborate your experience as from this comment nothing is clear. Have you got scammed? Or you just simply visited the website to have an ides about it? Do let us know. Stat Safe.

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