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tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [June] Should Anyone Order?

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [June] Should Anyone Order? -> In this review post, we will be providing you with the specifications, benefits, and customer remarks of one of the best tactical flashlights.

Do you want that extra protection in case of emergencies? Are you looking for a better self-defence tool to protect you and your loved ones? If yes, then the solution is tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight.

As we all know, the light illuminates the dark; similarly, flashlights are a perfect tool in offering the same. A Tactical Flashlight is sharper & brighter than the standard torch, and the brightness that it provides has its benefits. For example, if you come across any danger or threat, then you can use this tactical flashlight to distract its view.

tp360 Pro Flashlight Scam

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One such Tactical Flashlight that has been gaining massive popularity in the United State is tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight. It is available at the discounted prices for all its buyers.

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Let us know more about it under this tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews post. Kindly read the full post to have a complete understanding of this bright light. Thanks for giving us your time!

What is tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight?

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight is one of the most popular tactical flashlights that is getting likes by countless people. It is gaining popularity due to the numerous advantages attached to it and is one of the best self-defence tools.

Currently, it is the most demanded in the market due to its “9000-lumen strobe mode”. It makes the users throw an immense perplexing strobe light into the eyes of the attacker and hence leaving him stunned and confused.

It finds its usage in all the situations. Whether you are moving alone at night or need light to dissuade animals during your camping activity, the tactical flashlights are required every time.

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Specifications of tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight comes with numerous features that can be listed as follows:

  • Water Proof: It is waterproof and that too to IP65 standard.
  • Durable: It is very much durable & sturdy in its composition. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy is used in its manufacturing.
  • Powered by Cree LED: It is powered by Cree LED, the most powerful unique LED in the market. It is American made and has 9000 Lumen output.
  • Continuous Brightness: It offers continuous & constant brightness due to the availability of the digitally regulated output.
  • Heat Protection: It comes with overheat protection to avoid the high temperature of the surface.
  • Provides Effective Grip: It has slip-resistant and anti-roll body design for compelling gripping.
  • Zoom in-out: It offers 1X-2000X telescoping focus for efficient zoom in-out facility.
  • Tactical Tail Switch: It comes with a tactical tail switch with remote memory-on and continuous on function.
  • Dimensions: 5.09 IN X 1.90
  • Power Source: 3 (AAA)

Target Audience

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight is used for their self-defence by the citizens. But, it is also used by various Search & Rescue professionals, Security Guards, Armed Forces, Firemen, Policemen, Military Forces, and many more.

What makes it different from other tactical flashlights?

The following special features make it exclusive & different from other tactical flashlights:

  • Brightness: 32X brighter than the average flashlight
  • Modes Available: There are five modes available – High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS.
  • Battery Availability: It comes with 3 XAAA batteries / 1X Li-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Distance Covered: Up to three nautical miles.

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Why should you purchase it?

After mentioning about its specifications and unique features in this tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews post, we have discovered various advantages of tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight. Those can be enlisted as follows:

  • It is highly durable and sturdy in its design.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It is compact & light in weight.
  • It is slip-resistant and provides effective gripping. Its anti-roll body design makes it free from slipping.
  • It offers 32 times more bright light than the standard flashlight.
  • It comes with three AAA batteries and one rechargeable battery.
  • Its great telescoping focus provides a capable zoom in-out facility.
  • It comes with an intense beam that covers the largest of the distance.

What are the customers saying about it?

From the other tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews, we have found that people who have used it are speaking positively and profoundly of it.

  • D. Williams: He said that this light is fantastic. It works well than the standard flashlights. Thumbs Up!
  • John S.: He stated that he loves this tactical flashlight. It is a useful self-defence tool. He has purchased it for the whole family.
  • Mary K.: She believes that its functioning is excellent as compared to other bright lights. It pierces even in the darkest of the darks. Recommended!
  • Oliver: He said that its distance coverage is outstanding. It offers better light than other brands. Great!

tp360 Pro Flashlight Review

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Benefitting those in need

Tp360 is helping all those who are in need by giving dollar 1, 00,000 in aid to relief. They are thankful and profoundly grateful to the following organizations & departments that make it happen:

  • Alaska Divers Marine Life Rescue
  • GO Camping Australia
  • Fire Service School the US

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Money-Back Guarantee

All our users Get 30-Days Money Back Guarantee after purchasing and get your money in your hand in damage or adverse quality condition.   

tp360 Pro Flashlight Where to Buy


To recapitulate this tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews post, we can say that this tactical flashlight is working like magic. People who have used it are very much pleased with its specifications, unique features, benefits and uses. They are recommending this bright light.

Whether you need to navigate at night or have to walk down with your dog – whatever be the situation, it is one of the best flashlights to use. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

So, what are you waiting? Just activate your 50% discount today else you will have to pay the high price! This offer is for limited period!

We will be glad if you will share your experience with us.

88 thoughts on “tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [June] Should Anyone Order?

    1. Its a scam my email is jasonx2483@gmail.com. andi spent almost $80 about a month now and haven’t received so i try going back to the original site i bought it on and its no longer there not to mention in this ad it says it waterproof at the top and then says water resistant at the bottom just to name one of it’s inconsistency

      1. I believe that the actual flashlight that burns paper is a one of a kind that a guy on Youtube built. This company then uses his video to sell their cheap $3.00 flashlights and get your credit card information. The joke is on us!! They must have ten thousand disputes against them by now.

      1. Just got my TP360 PRO and it looks nothing like what i ordered and it does not work.
        Very disappointed.

    2. it is a BIG scam ordered two got three but not what was advertised very disappointed bought a similar flashlight at Walmart for way cheaper I received a very cheap knock off don’t waste your money or time

    3. Don not buy at any price, they are cheap and will not be satisfactory. They come from PRC and you must return them to PRC for a refund.

    4. This company says that they accept Paypal, but there is no way to do that. Never give your credit cards numbers to a company that you do not know.

    5. Chuck, Don’t waste your time.
      Use my credit card to get my money back

    6. Don’t waste your money. I order buy 2 get a 3rd one free. They finally showed up after 2 months. No batteries came with them. They are fairly bright, but I have way better flashlights that weren’t this expensive. I actually recommend a rechargeable bike light I found at Walmart. It about 3” long and an inch thick, it supper bright and has an adjustable beam. It plugs into a USB plug to charge and last a long time.

      1. kindly read all the terms and conditions before you shop and know more about item quality… thank you..

      1. Check the company page and dial the customer care number to discuss your query… thanks for being in touch…

  1. Hello, I purchased your tp360 pro tacticle flashlight on May. 11th 2020. My product receipt is, (DICS) {B1} PL-0095-0- TP360 Pro Flashlight. I have not received a confirmation number from you as of yet, May, 18th 2020. Please advise as soon as you receive this request as I certainly appreciate your promptness.

    Best Regards,
    Eddie E Herndon

    1. I ordered a flightlight and it’s going to the wrong address and I need to hear from you so we can fix it.

    2. Neither have I. I spent over $80 on multiple TP 360 pro flashlights and never received them and when going to the original site is gone. There is serious talk this is a scam

      1. I ordered one and took a month to get it. 30.00 and all I got was a china knock off piece of junk. Was suppose to come with 3 AAA batteries and 1 rechargeable battery and I got none of it.

    3. Eddie, do yourself a favor and cancel while you can. Mine came today and just took them outside to try them. What an ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY!! I have other flashlights that overwhelm these. The photos and videos that advertise this tp 360 are greatly exaggerated. Save Yourself and your money. ANYONE who thinks these are so fantastic and worth the money are surely agents or representatives behind this rip off.

    4. Well in all the supposed views and ratings, NOT ONE COMMENT on the TP-360’s fire lighting capability!?!? And the reference made to the “Fire Service School US” in a singular, DOES NOT EXIST!! There is no fire school in the US that carries that name, ANYWHERE!

    5. You will likely receive fake flashlights like I did. They will ask you to send photos and videos, but in the end you will have to dispute the charge with your credit card. And I would not be surprised if they sell our credit card numbers and personal information.

  2. I would like to know about the maintenance of this bright flash light:

    1) How long to the 3 AAA batteries last on the average?
    2) How do you charge and how often, the Li-ion rechargeable battery?
    3) How long does the Li-ion rechargeable battery last, and are they accessible for new replacement?
    4) How long does the Cree Led last, and are they accessible for new replacement?

    If you can answer those questions well for me, I would gladly pay more money for this great flash light. 🙂

    Thank You.

  3. What a cheap piece of crap. Poorly made product. Does not do the things it shows in the ad. If this is airplane grade aluminum then I will never fly again. This flashlight doesn’t even look like the same flashlight they’re showing in the ad. Heck I’ve been trying to start this Kleenex on fire for the last 10 minutes. And guess what? The damn thing ain’t even smoking. I also have one sitting on plastic and the plastic isn’t even getting warm. You spend $60 for three flashlights that are probably worth $5 for all three of them. For everybody that looks at this ad don’t buy it a waste of money.

    1. I believe this is a new method for scammers to get our credit card information. I only use Paypal online.

  4. This is a SCAM. I finally received mine after a month of waiting and this flashlight is a Cheap Plastic piece of JUNK!!!! It’s a knock off and a poorly made one at that. It does NOT get hot like the advertisement says. I held the flashlight on the palm of my hand for 1 minute and my palm never got hot. I am going to open an investigation with my CC company and get my money back.


    1. Received my Flashlight today and it came without any Batteries and No Lion Rechargeable battery either.

      Not sure what to say
      but I am Not Happy with this Worthless Overpriced piece of Junk and a 100% Refund should be given ASAP

      Yes this is a Scam
      of the Highest Order

      Truly Unhappy with this Crappy light

  5. I bought this light on 5-10-2020.
    I received it today 6-1-2020.
    I got a light and a plastic cylinder, that I guess you put the rechargable battery in.
    No battery.
    Just the tube and the light.
    I bought 2 lights at Lowe’s for $19.95 that are a lot brighter and are focusable also.
    Both of those use 3 AAA batteries also.
    This light would probably be brighter with the single battery,but I don’t have one.
    You would think it would come with it at least.
    I will probably lay this light on the work bench and forget about it.
    I have 2 from Lowe’s that work 👍 better than this.
    Do what you want.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Same here. I received just the flashlight and a plastic tube. No battery, no manual to explain it’s functions, no cord to recharge the supposed rechargeable battery I am assuming that is what the hole in the side is for, and the plastic plug that covers it. It’s not plastic, but it’s very lightweight, and definitely not worth the money spent. What a shame. It was for a Father’s Day present. When will I learn? Buy online from Amazon. At least you can return it from there.

  6. I just received my flash lights and there were no batteries included with them; there was no manual or instruction sheet; I have no idea what that little rubber plug is supposed to do but I see where it goes; it does not get hot at all so it wont burn anything. Im kinda pissed because I waited 3 weeks for these flash lights to get here and this is what I get.

  7. My purchase just arrived. There were no regular batteries and no rechargeable battery. It does not – repeat does not – start paper on fire as shown. It is a total fraud. The only reason I purchased it was to use for starting fires in an emergency situation camping.

  8. I just received the product TP360 Pro Tactical flashlight. Got ripped off. First, it does not even look like the product that was on the commercial for the product. Second, only 4 features. A dim level, bright level, flashing, and size adjustment.No instructions, batteries, or charger or charging info. No heat feature. No packaging you would think such a quality product would at least be wrapped in tissue in a box for the price. Shipping had a USPS sticker over a sticker from China.

  9. This is a totally average to below average flashlight. It may be worth about three bucks, if that. Note the names on the flashlights in 2 of the 3 adds above, they are not the same as the one they are selling.

  10. product arrived finally but not at all like the product advertised. no tail button, no memory, and no batteries at all.
    very disappointed

  11. I finally got my light
    AND IT DOSENT WORK plus what’s with the EMPTY PLASTIC holder THATS EMPTY
    Is that where the LI battery suppose to be
    How do I get a replacement or my money back

  12. I order TP360 flashlight only received flashlight no lithium rechargeable battery or cord

    USPS Tracking # 9200 1909 7436 4931 2121 33


  14. REPORTING YOU TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬

  15. This is not what I ordered!!! Will not get hot enough to cook an egg as advertised and cheaply made. One already fell apart while adjusting the dimmer and will not stay together when I try to fix it. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PRODUCT!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Fine for a normal flashlight but that’s it. WILL NOT CATCH ANYTING ON FIRE like they claim. 0 stars

  16. This is a rip off. The flashlight shown in the video demo is completely different than the ones that get delivered after payment.

    The one in the video has a different model ID, which clearly seen if you stop the video. Also, you can see the flashlight in the video is much bigger than the one delivered. Do not buy this product unless you are looking for a miniature (5.75″) flashlight.

    Also, there were no AAA batteries included as promised.

  17. I purchased the TP360 Pro Tactical flashlight based on the advertisement that it was the most powerful LED flashlight on the market, what I received looked nothing like the various styles that were advertised. What I received is cheaply made and in my opinion having bought and used many flashlights for work this one is NOT worth the time nor money invested in this product. I DO NOT recommend this product to anyone who relay’s on a good “tactical” flashlight for night time operations while on the job.

  18. The product you order is not what they are showing in the video. What I got was a regular flashlight that you can widen the beam or narrow it.
    Do not order it is false advertisement

  19. Don’t get this!! It’s a scam!! They do not start fires or even warm your toast, cheap as hell. Little kids flashlights. They lied all the way around about what this flashlight is supposed to do. Scam!

  20. What bull shit did I order? This Tp360 PRO is total crap. Sure it uses 3 AAA batteries and there is what looks like a charging port, but where is the adapter? You’d figure they would include that. What I got, does not look anything like what I see in the Ad. It’s a totally different flashlight like I purchased some 20 years ago. Total garbage! The Ads said this can burn plastic bags, REALLY? I can’t even give me a sunburn with this bull shit. I want my money back.

  21. I received my tp360 pro flash light in a timely manner. But there were no batteries, no charger and no instructions. I don’t know what that plastic tube is for.

  22. … I think my order to Arlington Heights, IL arriving in June 2020 was mixed up. Instead of a super flashlight as in the marketing materials, I received a fragile device that had springs and ball bearings falling out… After one hour I figured how to put this toy back together. Put in my three AAA batteries and was not impressed or able to duplicate the flashlight marketing at all.. There are no customer service numbers and no instruction manuals… It is all hyped up to sell you a toy instead of a super flashlight as advertised…

  23. I just received mine. They take a little while as they are shipped from China. Once they got to Georgia , it took 2 days to get mine in Florida. Worth the wait!!

  24. I ordered 3 of the TP360 pro flashlights. I got 3 flashlights in a padded envelope. No AAA batteries. No rechargable batteries. Theres a spot for a charger to plug in but i didn’t receive any kind of charging cable either,

  25. DO NOT WASTE your money. This thing is no more powerful than a $5.00 flashlight from walmart!!! What a freakin’ waste!!!!!!

  26. This product is a complete fraud! The flashlights are advertised to be 9000 Lumens, made of aircraft-grade aluminum, having 5 modes of operation, made in USA, etc. NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE! The items shipped from China and they are dollar-store garbage. The LED is LESS BRIGHT than a penlight. The buttons, battery cover, battery holder, and handle are terrible quality. Parts are loose; they rattle when you shake them. They don’t match the pictures either.

    DO NOT BUY!!

  27. This is a ripoff/bait and switch scam. Ordered three TP360 PRO flashlights and they were nothing like the above advertisement describes.
    Immediately upon receiving the package, I put some new AAA batteries in one of them and tried it out. It was a standard intensity LED light at the highest power of the three settings – maybe 300 lumens at best. It definitely was not “32X brighter than the average flashlight” as advertised. I tried all three flashlights and they each performed the same. It was not at all what was described in the advertisement: 9000 lumens, five illumination modes and with a tail switch. Instead, it has maybe 300 lumens at the highest setting, only three illumination modes and has a side, button switch. It also does not have telescoping focus, but has a rotating beveled ring near the head of the flashlight. And it did not come with 3 AAA batteries nor a Li-ion rechargeable battery as advertised. I sincerely doubt it is waterproof as advertised since there are no o-rings on the battery compartment screw-on bottom. But, I’m not going to test that.
    In the package I received, there was no information/instructions – just the flashlights with three empty plastic tubes in the envelope, each ¾”in diameter and 2” long. Don’t know if there was supposed to be something in them (A charging cord?). Also, I noticed there is what appears to be a power jack/plug port on the side of the flashlight, opposite the power switch, but there was no charging cable or plug that I could use to charge it, if it did have a Li-ion battery (which was a feature I really wanted).

    I already have several flashlights that do all that these do and don’t need any more, especially for the price I paid for these (about $17 each with shipping). I’m asking for a refund. I’ll see if their “Money back guarantee” is legit.

  28. It does not come with any batteries it does not burn anthing it’s not even the flashlight you see the light you see is called the flashtorch by wicked lazero it’s a scam they send you cheap flashlights

  29. I saw the add on YouTube. Ordered and received complete junk. I have lights I bought locally for 10.00 each that are brighter and better quality. I emailed the address from the email I received and got no reply.

  30. So I saw the YouTube advertisement. Completely blown away. Until I start to pay attention. The light pictured at the beginning of the video burning through the plastic bag is a torchlight mini. Not this. The light burning the paper is also a torch light mini not this. If you look on this page they have clearly and not did a good job of it might I add have TP-360 pro on a flashlight with a man holding a flashlight in his hand. But the letters look a little perfect don’t they and they don’t respond to the light that the rest of the picture responds to it’s when you look down further that you can see the lettering is not even the same The word pro on these flashlights is supposed to be black in the middle with a white outside circle but that one is all white with four white letters. Then they have torch light minis in some of the pictures and didn’t even bother to cover it up. No flashlights doing what the flashlight and the advertisement or the pictures are doing with three AAA batteries. And reading above I assume people are starting to realize they got scammed. Save your breath save your time save your money. This is obviously a scam.

  31. I bought this light and and I’m actually disappointed it is not very bright it did not come with batteries or a charging cord and does not even look like what is advertised. I really wish I could post a picture of this on here to show the difference it says tp360 Pro on the side but does not even come close to being anything like what was advertised

  32. Hello!

    Just received my 3 Tp360 pro 🔦
    There was no lithium recharging batteries 🔋 or chargers for all 3.
    Please help with this.

    David Brelowski.
    2385 Weiser Rd
    Niles, Michigan 49120

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    I have joined your fred and sit up for in search of mode of your excellent post.

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  34. I bought 3 TP360 flashlights from the company, and just received them today. The units are extremely cheaply made, and I don’t for a minute believe they are made in the USA. They were shipped from China, and I know this because they had to enter the country before a tracking number could follow the shipment. The quality is totally inferior to their claims, and even though the ads claim they come with 3 AAA batteries, and a rechargeable Li battery, mine didn’t come with either. Don’t know how they can publish all these fantastic claims, and not deliver what is advertised. I even had to repair one of the battery holders before attempting to use it. This is a totally hyped item, and does not live up to the claims. I doubt I will get a reply to this response, but let the buyer beware.

  35. What I received is not remotely like what’s shown in the ads. They show lighting up a huge area and starting fires. Mine is no better that the simple models I have purchased in the past, came without any instructions and has a port in the side that could be a charging port but I got no charging cable. I would not buy another one or recommend it to a friend.

  36. I just got mine and it’s definitely not as advertised. I just wrote the company to Uniate a return. It’s very cheaply made and would be surprised if it’s brighter than 250 lumens. It did not co e with batteries the charge port pin is off center. Looks like Chinese garbage with slick marketing to me.

  37. Received mine today, no batteries AAA or rechargable or charger no instructions and fails to be an average flashlight.

  38. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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  39. This has got to be the biggest piece of crap flashlight that I have ever seen. It does not even want to turn on most of the time. It is definitely not like the flashlight in the advertisement. I also believe that mine had been sent back to the company previously because have of the name on the flashlight is missing. What a piece of shit do not buy this light

  40. This is a SCAM!! DO NOT ORDER!!!! Just got my TP360 PRO flashlight and my son’s Paw Patrol Flash Light is 10x better than this piece of shit. I am going to report this company to the Better Business Bureau.

    1. Got my flashlight after waiting for 2 months. Bought it from an add on YouTube. This is NOT what I ordered. In these times I’m shocked that this type of scam can be happening from a company associated with YouTube. Shame on them!!!!

  41. TOTAL SCAM! BEWARE…..no better than the typical China junk that can be purchased at the dollar store. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT

    1. Has anyone had any luck with returns or refunds, if so what website, email, or phone number did you use for contact info? Any help is appreciated.

      1. Jump at the company page to know the terms & conditions, the refund policy, and the price policy, and then shop…, thanks for being a part here… thank you for connecting with us…

  42. Well I guess I got lucky. I recieved the same flashlight and plastic tube as all of the comments are talking about. Just your basic cheap LED flashlight, and yes the tube is for the Li-Ion battery to keep it from rattling around inside the flashlight when using it. I got mine on Tophatter. I bid $1 and won. I paid $4 shipping so $5 and I got a $5 flashlight. The only way it’s ever gonna start a fire is touch it to both terminals on a car battery.

  43. Looks like something Harbor Freight would give away with a $20 purchase piece of junk do not order!
    Mine did not come with any batteries either

  44. Ordered the TP 360, I mean Toilet Paper 360 on 05/02020, received it on 06/27/2020 with no batteries from China, nonetheless I was a little disappointed but not surprised that what I received was a piece of Junk. I bought two 3 cell Maglites for the price of this kids toy and there’ no comparison as the Maglite is a good 50 x brighter! What more can I say, I got taken.

  45. Cheap made item..all of them . NO batteries..and NO CHARGER. The plastic case..seems to fit into the battery case..what is it for? No instructions. Its does light up..and strobe. ANOTHER CHINA SCAM. CHINA IS A REAL HOAX..LOOK AT WHAT THEY JUST DID WILL ALL THEIR FAKE GOLD BARS!!! JUNK, DONT BUY THIS TRASH. NO WAY TO CONTACT OR RETURN EITHER.


  47. Well, you get what you paid for. I received my 3 TP360 PRO flashlights today, after a two month wait. They came USPS from San Jose, Ca., with a phone number 510-480-1755. I paid $32 total. They are not as advertised. They don’t even heat up plastic, let alone melt it. They don’t start fires. They’re just cheaply made flashlights. I also bought them through YouTube, and I noticed they have four for $29.95 on amizon.com, rated at 2000. I should have checked amizon.com, at least you can send them back if your not happy. This will be my last purchase through an ad on YouTube. For $10 each, I’ll keep them, my wife likes the strobe, and I think it’s a good idea to keep one in each car, just for the strobe.


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