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Trapped in Online Scam? Want Your Money Back?

Trapped in Online Scam? Want Your Money Back? >> In this news article, get to know the solution of a refund if you are trapped in an online scam.

Have you fallen prey to online ecommerce sites and do not know how to get the money back?

Is it hard to get the Refund or even contact the customer care of the particular ecommerce site?

No more worries, India’s best-trusted platform will be discussed in this article to resolve consumer complaints.

The return and Refund resolving links are grabbing a lot of attention in India.

So let us proceed to know about the return and refund scam in context to ecommerce sites.

What is an ecommerce site scam?

With the advent of online ecommerce sites, the masses find it much more convenient to buy things online. Due to the sedentary world, just by clicking on the tap button of the mobile phone, people find it much easier to shop online. 

Due to this, the online site scam is enhancing with time. Many online scammers want to make a fool of people. Thereby there has been a rapid increase in cyber fraud. So the question is, why exactly are people falling prey to online scams?

Why are people falling prey to such ecommerce frauds?

The ecommerce sites have a lot of plagiarized content, and they very smartly try to provide information that seems legit. The innocent customers are not able to differentiate between the legit or the scam website. 

They get fascinated by the high discounts, attractive pictures, and high demand products. Thus without giving a second thought, they tend to click on the buy button and unfortunately get trapped.

What are the platforms helpful for the return and refund policy in India?

The most convenient platform to resolve the return or refund problems are as follows:


The above link is the most adequate for Indian citizens. Consumer complaints can be solved at once. If you have fallen prey to some online scams, you can visit this site, and the team here follows some simple steps.

 Firstly the group will file the consumer complaint and share it with friends. Then, an email will be sent to the consumer complaint concerning the email and contact the company officials to solve the dispute. 

Further, professional legal notice is sent to the company. Finally, help in approaching the consumer forum. The full-fledged documents are required and submitted to the consumer court.

There is another site which commits to helping in filing the consumer complaint about the ones who are innocent. Following is the convenient platform link:


International Consumer Rights Protection Council is a registered consumer helpline NGO that helps consumers quickly file the consumers in filing their consumer complaint in the consumer court against a defective product or service. 

Also, the Consumer court address, consumer complaint format, and the entire consumer complaint related matters are following the ease and convenient economy.

Steps to get return money when payment is made via Credit Card

If you have made a transaction by Credit Card, you can follow further steps :

  • Firstly try to contact the Merchant.
  • Then you need to request the online scam to the Credit Card Provider.
  • The proof of the scam has to be shown to the credit card provider for investigation.
  • After doing these steps, wait for the response. It might take a few weeks or a month.

What if you have paid via Paypal and want your money back?

If you have been scammed online and want a refund on Paypal, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the Paypal App or the website.
  • Head towards the resolution center and then go to the dispute. The time limit is 180 days from the day you bought the item.
  • Then tap on the dispute a transaction tap button.
  • Finally, select the item dispute, and you are done!

How to file a claim for a chargeback on Paypal?

You need to connect to the credit card user by email or call. They will ask you for the details and the evidence of the scam. Once the investigation is done, your Refund will be commenced and completed in a few days.

Bottom Line

Altogether it can be said that if you have been trapped with the return and the refund issue then, surely these above-mentioned websites will help you in resolving the return and the refund issue.

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