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True Perk Tier List (Nov 2021) Get Reliable Information

Read the article to know the updated True Perk Tier List to win the combats and secure extreme power and amazing weapons in the popularity securing game.

Are you a fan of pirates and amazing power? Then, check this out. We have something here for you. People from the United States are going crazy over this new game. Are you not interested to know the details? 

Roblox has always done wonders in the quality and uniqueness of the games. You can play in style and become the king of pirates. But, like the other games, you must know about the best True Perk Tier List if you want to win the game and defeat your enemies. Keep reading this article to acquire information.

What is the name of this new game?

This game is popularly known as True Piece. It was created recently on 15th September 2021. The inspiration for the game came from the One Piece manga series.

The series has a huge fan following. So, the creator decided to take inspiration from it. The game stands in the genre of fantasy and adventure. The main key element to winning the game is the perks. Hence, you shouldn’t miss the True Perk Tier List. The perks can give you immense power.

Popularity Attracted By True Piece

No wonder the amazing powers of the game have attracted a huge number of players in the game. Do you know it has just been three months since the game? And, it already has touched over 730.5k visits.

Gamers love the codes and weapon skills they can acquire while playing and fighting in combat, you can also secure multiple weapons and movements. Around 14,889 people have marked the game as their favorite. If you are interested in knowing the most demanded True Perk Tier List. Also, the game already has over 6000 players actively enjoying the True piece. 

How to change the settings in-game? 

Other than the tier list players want to know about changing the setting in the true piece. You can sprint, dash, block or even change weapons. If you want to sprint, you can change it unless it will remain WW for sprinting. For dashing, you can use Q to block E and for changing the weapons, click R. Keep reading to know about the perks.

Updated True Perk Tier List

You can obtain amazing perks to obtain the power to customize your character, increase the speed, cool down, and so much more. The rarest perks on the list are 

  • Finger guns enhance the power to create severe damage.
  • Iron body and stronger passive armor.
  • Moonwalk with an additional charge and cooldown reduction.

For the power boosts, legendary perks have Busoshoku advance, dodging Kenbunshoku advanced, etc. Roblox players can get more information here on this True Piece Perk.


After reading the article, don’t forget to gather these rarest perks. These powers are the most demanded ones in the game. These powers and moves can lead you to become the pirate king. Read here to know Do Robux generators work? Which is your favorite perk on the True Perk Tier List? Comment below. 

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