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Ttaino Shop Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Legit Store Or Not?

Ttaino Shop Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Legit Store Or Not? >> Are you searching for affordable gym products? We might have something useful; click to know.

Ttaino Shop Reviews are here for the fitness freaks. Are you a huge fan of fitness and you believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Or ‘Are you a trendy gadget person?’ Well, in both case scenarios, this particular piece of content is undoubtedly going to help you. 

Here we will discuss the Ttaino Shop with its origin from the United States, and it claims to be a simple website with reliable products that are second to none in the market. 

What is this website? 

Ttaino Shop is an online shopping portal, and you are going to know the answer to – ‘Is Ttaino Shop Legit‘ further in the article but before that, let’s learn more about the website. 

So it is a United Statesbased shopping portal loaded with several technically advanced products that are only prepared to either make your life comfortable or make you a fitness freak. It could always be a smart move to make a living more delightful with smart gadgets or products that only have some of the other benefits for you. 

The website has a wide variety of products like car electronics, music types of equipment, fitness tools, telecommunicators, and many more. Let’s read more on Ttaino Shop Reviews.


  • The URL of this website is https://ttaino.shop/
  • The domain creation date is 28.05.2020. 
  • The site has a massive variety of digitally sound products, including fitness ones. 
  • The email address for the site is AidanHewitt64123@gmail.com, and the contact number is (+61)497939242. 
  • The address of the firm is 15 Island view Crt_Buderim_QLD 4556. 
  • The products can be paid via multiple payment modes like PayPal. Diners Card, JCB Card, American Express, Maestro and Discover Card. 
  • Products are refundable within seven days. 
  • They take 10-15 days for shipment of the product. 

Pros of Ttaino Shop

  • In this Ttaino Shop Reviews, we also found that the products are quite affordable. 
  • It is bestowing high discount over every product like around 70% off. 
  • It has a wide variety of products, making the site a one-stop solution for gadgets and fitness freaks. 

Cons of Ttaino Shop

  • The website is just 7 months old, and there is no ‘About Us’. 
  • The firm has no social media presence though the icons are present on the website but they are static. 
  • The given address belongs to a simple residence, and there is no customer review. 
  • The trust score of the site is meager. 

Is Ttaino Shop Legit?

As far as the answer to this particular question is concerned, it is a big NO, and this website is not authentic and safe for public use. 

We have already mentioned every detail that indicated the fraud possibilities, such as fake warehouse address, no customer reviews, no social media handles, low trust score, etc. 

Also, you know that the site is not even one year old, which raises the question of its authenticity. If we talk about the contact details, it also seems to be fake. Apart from the images and the content of the website looks like copied ones. 

Customer Ttaino Shop Reviews 

While searching for customer reviews we have found that all the products’ prices are too reasonable to be true. And it could be the probable reason behind attracting huge customers, but we didn’t find any customer reviews. 

In the article, we have already mentioned that the organization does not have any social media handles that could signify its image from the public’s point of view. 

The site does not have any review or feedback on any of its products, which is quite weird. We also scrolled the internet searching for customer feedback for ttaino shop or its products, but there was no evidence to prove its legitimacy. 

Final Verdict 

In this article about Ttaino Shop Reviews, we have answered everything you need to know about the site to decide about the organizations. Apart from that, you now also know that the site is not legitimate, and it could be a wrong decision to trust its products. 

It would rather be a more intelligent move to purchase the desired product from any other authentic and renowned shopping portal. Ultimately, you choose to either trust the site or check other official shopping portals that are also offering affordable products. 

What is your view on the Ttaino Shop? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

0 thoughts on “Ttaino Shop Reviews {Feb 2021} Is It Legit Store Or Not?

  1. Why didn’t any of these people running all these tests and coming up with all these theorys just do one simple test to verify there prognosis? That would be to actually make a purchase and see what happens , wouldn’t that be the. For sure way to find out if it’s ligit or not ? I’m just saying

    1. I DID make a purchase and got a fake tracking number. I also got a substantial added charge to the purchase charged to my paypal account. It is currently in dispute with paypal. The email address is also false. THere is no way to contact these fraudsters.

  2. I ordered a ATR 120 Timeclock from this site and never received it! I tried to email customer service and my emails came back undeliverable! It’s a scam…run away!

    1. questionn.. do u remember when u ordered it? im trying to figure out if its a scam as well but i know if i order over sees it takes a couple months to get to me. i had put up a post on reddit about the site and i think someone did get their stuff just delayed..


    1. The tracking number they gave delivered something to another address. The post office says I was given a wrong tracking number. These people are slick!

  4. If you call PayPal and speak with a representative, they will refund the transaction if you tell them this is a scam company. I cannot wait 30 days for them to refund it based on non delivery.

  5. I made the mistake of ordering from them. My paypal account has a charge with a status of “Authorization” from “Rick Trading (Hong Kong) Limited” for “Goods”. I never got an order confirmation so I tried checking my account history, my credentials couldn’t be verified and the “Reset Password” option doesn’t work. I tried sending an email but apparently “AidanHewitt64123@gmail.com” is an undeliverable email address.

  6. These people are scammers!!! They scammed me out of $114.00 for an XBox One. I went back to my order and it was gone. The number does not work and the address is fake. I called PayPal and they helped me with my dispute!! I love PayPal! They are awesome and these scammers are just horrible people!!

  7. Pedí un juego de comedor el día 17 de febrero 2021 y aún no he recibido nada de nada por supuesto me sacaron el dinero de la cuenta pero no pagué con PAYPAL.. Alguien me puede ayudar para que me reembolse el dinero que debo hacer?????

  8. This Site was called another name before this one . Also look a the price of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC ULTRA GAMING, 11GB GDDR6, Dual HDB Fans & RGB LED Graphics Card 11G-P4-2383-KR. That should tell you something

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