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up Radius Scam [June] Read Post Before Shopping Here

up Radius Scam [June] Read Post Before Shopping Here -> In this article, you will learn everything about a website that sells customized products.

Do you like customized products? If yes, then you must know the difficulty in finding legit websites that sell customized products.

One of the websites that sell customized products is Up Radius. However, is up Radius Scam? Is it a new website in the United States? Is it trustworthy?

Such questions quickly arise in the minds of buyers. So in this article, we are going to answer all of your questions about Up Radius. So keep reading to find out more.

Is Up Radius Legit?

Up Radius started 5 months ago. As a result, there are no reviews about it on the internet. Neither review websites nor customers have given a review about it.

Up Radius is SSL protected. It is also identified as potentially legit on websites like Scamfoo as it has no negative reviews. However, it has a poor user experience due to the difficulty in navigation.

As there are no reviews about this website, it is hard to determine if it is legit. However, it is a beginner and unprofessional website. As a result, it has a long way to go to establish authority in the industry.

What is Up Radius?

Up Radius is a website that sells a variety of products. It does not have a specific niche. It claims to sell its products in many different niches. However, the name of the niches is unknown to us.

Up Radius does not categorize its products. It also doesn’t mention what kind of different products it sells anywhere on the website. 

Up Radius customizes the product for the customer on their demand. They sell the products at reasonable prices and also offer a 10% discount on buying two items.

Why is Up Radius Unique?

Up Radius has many different products and customizes them according to the specific needs of the customer.

They explain every product in a great way with the help of GIFs and images. Moreover, there is a question and answer section after the product description.

In this section, the website tries to answer any question that may come into the customer’s mind while shopping.

It also offers a 100% money-back guarantee on returns. This lifts off any worries that the buyer may have while shopping.

Specifications of Up Radius:

  • Product: Custom products
  • Email: xiuchengsong0@gmail.com
  • Returns: Applicable within 14 days after receipt of the product
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Cancellation: Applicable before the product is shipped
  • Payment method: PayPal or Credit Card
  • Contact address: Not given
  • Contact number: Not given

Pros of buying from Up Radius:

  • You can get the products customized to your needs
  • The website claims to sell all types of products
  • You have different payment options
  • Every product has a clear description
  • They offer products at reasonable prices

Cons of buying from Up Radius:

  • The website does not categorize its products
  • It is very confusing and hard to navigate
  • The home page has a poor design
  • It does not provide its contact address and number

Customer Reviews on Up Radius:

The website started just five months ago. Therefore, there are no reviews from the customers about this website.

Even if someone had shopped here, they could not leave ratings and reviews on the product page. That’s because Up Radius does not provide any product rating option for the customers.

Moreover, there are no reviews about Up Radius on other websites. There are neither negative nor positive reviews about it.

It is possible that no one has purchased anything from this website. The website offers a poor user experience, and therefore, many buyers would not be willing to shop there.

Final Verdict:

A website that has completed 5-6 months gets at least a few reviews from the customers. However, Up Radius has negligible reviews about it.

The website may offer customized products to customers. However, customers cannot find out about this service of Up Radius unless they visit and read their ‘About Us’ page.

This shows that the website has a very poor marketing strategy and also provides a poor user experience. The home page has no essential information. It does not even display any products on the home page to attract the customers.

A website that doesn’t put any effort into making the customer experience effortless is not worthy of your time and money. Therefore, we do not recommend you to shop from the Up Radius website.

0 thoughts on “up Radius Scam [June] Read Post Before Shopping Here

  1. Scam. I ordered something and they sent some cheap plastic toy in place of what I ordered. They refuse to refund my money and insist that i ship the item back to China at my own expense before they can possibly issue a refund. Very dishonest and deceptive. I still am waiting on Paypal to settle the case and receive my money back.

  2. I ordered on June first. Still waiting…the item was shipped from China mid June with a 45 to 55 workday waiting period. I have been tracking the item…It has been released from US customs in the first week of July. Last known location. My communications with the company (?) was with a person, Amy, who appears to be bilingual, but that was after I complained that their computerized translator was doing a laughable job with no insight towards communication. I am interested in what I will actually receive…Not a big deal to me, but I don’t like being duped…got burned, lesson learned.

    1. SCAM-SCAM-SCAM-I also ordered something on June 1st. June 6th, they sent me an email saying it had been shipped and gave me the shipping number. However, the shipping number is invalid. Now, for the last couple of weeks, I have been getting text messages from someone saying they are from FedEx and was unsuccessful at delivering my package and to hit a link to set up another delivery time. Yeah Right! They got me once but, I damn sure ain’t falling for another one of their tricks! I am so upset because I ordered a remote control excavator for my son so, in my eyes, they scammed him! They are nothing but thieves!!! I wish I knew how to get my money back at least!?!

  3. It’s a scam! Dont buy anything from them.
    I purchased a set of construction machine toys for my little boy and it is trash! False advertising!

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