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[Update] Uspa Powerlifting Scandal: What Brings Us Chico Cloyne? Know Detailed Facts For Association Here!

This article gives information on the Uspa Powerlifting Scandal and tells the readers about different facts related to the scandal.

Are you looking for information on the scandal in the USPA? Recently, the news about the powerlifting scandal in the United States has made headlines on the internet and social media platforms.

If you are looking for information regarding the Uspa Powerlifting Scandal and how Chico Cloyne is connected to the scandal, read the article until the end. 

Why is the USPA powerlifting in the news?

The USPA got suspended from its services in September 2021 for not following the proper guidelines. 

USPA is the most reputed and important powerlifting federation in the United States, along with USAPL. However, all the powerlifters must go through different tests before completing any competition under these federations’ guidance. 

Uspa Powerlifting Chico Cloyne

The USPA also tried to hide the unprofessional behaviour of Chico Cloyne, the professional powerlifter. There’s news trending on different social media platforms in which Chico is accused of having intimate practices.

Chico got involved in domestic violence, which also degrades the reputation of USPA, which is why the organization is trying to hide everything from the public. 

Other scandals of the USPA

Apart from supporting the indiscipline behaviour of Chico Cloyne, the Us Powerlifting Association doesn’t take the rules seriously and uses different types of barbells for every event. The USPA doesn’t take the drug test properly of athletes. 

Different videos on YouTube and Facebook platforms tell you everything about the scandal and cheating of the powerlifting association. 

About USPA 

USPA is one of the largest powerlifting federations created by lifters. Under USPA, athletes can compete in different competitions in a safe and competitive environment. 

Different powerlifting competitions conducted by the USPA are:

  • Raw Powerlifting 
  • Single ply powerlifting 
  • Equipped single-ply powerlifting 
  • Equipped Multiply Powerlifting 

With the Uspa Powerlifting Scandal, the reputation of the USPA took a hit. That’s why everyone is raising questions about the working of the federation. 

USPA and Transgender controversy

Last year, USPA didn’t allow a powerlifter to compete in the competition because she was transgender. The lifter was competing in the Violet Crown Classic in Austin, Texas. 

However, USPA didn’t allow the athlete to compete, which resulted in many controversies. According to USPA, athletes using any hormones are not eligible to compete in any competition. 

People’s reaction to the scandal

In the Uspa Powerlifting Scandal, the athletes are angry and posting their views through videos and photos. Social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram and Twitter are filled with posts and comments about USPA and their failure to meet the guidelines. 

Many content creators made videos on the incident related to the Chico Cloyne and posted them on Youtube. Click Now

Social media link-

Final Words 

The USPA controversy is getting into the headlines as more people are getting to know about them in detail. However, no comments have come from the federation at present. 

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Uspa Powerlifting Scandal– FAQs

Q1. Who is the chairman of USPA?

A: Steve Denison

Q2. What is Chico Cloyne Scandal?

A: Chico was involved in intimate activity.

Q3. When was USPA established?

A: USPA was established in 2010.

Q4. Does USPA support strength lifting?

A: USPA supports different powerlifting competitions only.

Q5. Where can the users check out the Uspa Powerlifting Association Scandal?

A: The information about the scandal is available on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Q6. What are the lifts included in the USPA competitions?

A: Squats, BenchPress and Deadlift. 

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