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Uvalde Shooting Wiki {June} Read Complete Incident!

The incident of Uvalde Shooting Wiki has marked a horrific sign in the recent history of the Uvalde. Read to know more.

An eighteen year old man who shot nineteen children and two teachers in the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde is in news. The shooting took place on 24th May, 2022 and it went on for a complete day. The unfortunate incidents started unfolding from the beginning when the killer shot his grandmother earlier in the day. 

The shots were heard after the school for almost five minutes and the Uvalde Shooting Wiki resulted in one of the most dreadful massacre in the Worldwide in recent times, where civilians are killed without any terrorist involvement. 

What happened on 24th May, 2022 in Uvalde?

On 24th May, 2022, the killer who goes by the name of Salvador Rolando Ramos had an argument, over a phone bill, with his grandmother. The killer then shot his grandmother in the forehead and escaped with his Ford truck. Luckily, the grandmother of the killer survived and was later on taken to a hospital by the neighbors with the help of the police. 

Then for Uvalde Shooting 2022, the killer used his Facebook account to message a girl in Germany about firing at his grandmother and the second message about shooting at an elementary school. Salvador Ramos then crushed his truck in front of an elementary school and with one of his two guns, he went inside the school. Prior to this, he also fired at some people at the funeral home but they escape uninjured. The shooting inside the school began at 11:32. After the sounds of gunshots, the school was put in lockdown at 11:43. 

The Aftermath of the Uvalde Shooting Wiki

The shooter then started killing the students inside the building only. There were students who were hiding in different classrooms but were shot down by Ramos on slightest movement. The officers started negotiating and asked Ramos to leave the premises but all in vain. The killer was absolutely in no mood to leave anyone alive. The gunman entered in classrooms and open fired at all the students. Please note all these details are taken from the mentioned sources, we have not framed anything.

The gunman shot down the children not just in one round but even attempted the second round to check if someone got missed in the first one. Like Uvalde Shooting Wiki, gruesome thing went on till additional security responses teams were called on by the cops. At around 12:15, there were various students who came out and told the police about the dead-bodies inside. After almost 1.5 hours, the officers entered with a janitor’s master key and unlocked the door. 

Ramos, on seeing officers coming, started shooting indiscriminately on them but the officers shot back and killed him instantly there only.


On 24 May, 2022, there was written a horrific chapter in the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. The shooter had an argument with his grandmother but later on killed reportedly nineteen children and two teachers while shooting indiscriminately in Uvalde Shooting Wiki just for the purpose of killing. To know more details on School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas, click here.

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