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Vivilass Reviews (Jan 2021) Read About A Scam Site!

Vivilass Reviews (Jan 2021) Read About A Scam Site! >> Please read this review to check the essential factors of the suspicious website that claims to offer trendy outfits at an affordable price.

Do you think it is worth shopping for an online website? Let us discuss all the points in detail. It is a website that deals with trendy clothes for everyone.The website claims that they serve the people living in The United States and United Kingdom. The platform is too new and trusting the new site easily could invite many problem.Online reviews can be the solution to all your problems.Our primary purpose is to see Is Vivilass Legit? Are all the claims they make real?

 What is Vivilass?

 Vivilass is an international shopping website providing trending clothes and accessories to girls at a very affordable price. It was established in the year 2016. It claims to have a wide range of customers over the world. The website deals with women’s clothes and accessories and bags and shoes and other fashion items. The prices are also very affordable, which makes it very useful for teenage girls.If you have any quarry or want to contact them, they do provide you an email id for that purpose.

This website claims many things and is very specific with the things they provide, and all the instructions are given on their website in a very detailed manner. To know their policy very briefly, you can always visit Vivilass Reviews. You can contact them through email or Facebook. They are very strict with their refund and return policy, So you might need to think very carefully before proceeding with the product to be thoroughly sure if you want to buy it.


  1. Website – https://www.vivilass.com/
  2. Products- women clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes
  3. Product processing – 3-5 and 7-10 business days
  4. Delivery – 7-10 business days
  5. Email- support@vivilass.com
  6. Phone number – not mentioned
  7. Address – not mentioned
  8. Return- 14 business days
  9. Exchange – 14 business days
  10. Payment method- online mode is available
  11. Domain creation date – 11 August 2020

 The pros of Vivilass

  • As per Vivilass Reviews, the website offers a variety of products.
  • They provides stuff at an affordable price.
  • The website claims to provide return and refund policy on almost every product.
  • The detailed instructions of using it, is available on the official page.

 The cons of Vivilass

  • The site is too new to trust over it.
  • They have no customer feedback available online.
  • Their instagram and Facebook pages look invalid and fake.
  • No promotional post is available for marketing.
  • The description of the website is not appropriate.
  • The website also hides the contact details from the customers.

 Is Vivilass legit?

 The research has made its inspection, and we got to know that the website is very new and carries a high rate of risk. There are no customer reviews available on the website. The claims of the website seem very confusing and suspicious. Both their instagram and Facebook carry suspicion. The website is not available on any media platform. The prices are unreal to believe.

It is very doubtful how they are selling all these trending items at such a cheap price where other websites are selling them at reasonable prices. Lack of contact details is also one of the suspicious point about the company.Therefore, the website looks a scam for you check out all the essential factors if you still wish to buy the stuff.

Vivilass  reviews

The research says that no customer reviews are available anywhere online; always seek customer reviews before buying anything from any website as customer reviews are very important. Due to the missing reviews, we exactly know nothing about the product and its quality. Having no feedback is the major drawback of the website that stops you while using vivilass.com.

 Final verdict

 Our suggestion for you will be to ignore this website; it doesn’t seem trustworthy; it doesn’t have any customers review, nor has a long time experience. The site is too raw to trust. The claims of the site seem misleading.We suggest you invest in a well known and trusted website to avoid fraud. Please don’t fall for their tempting offers, and always try to invest your money in something you have full trust in. 

Vivilass  reviews concludes the site to be a scam platform that can harm you and your moneyIf you face any problem or hold any query please connect us via comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Vivilass Reviews (Jan 2021) Read About A Scam Site!

  1. Do not order from them. I placed my order the first of November and received almost 12 weeks later. All items but one were not even close to what I ordered. I went back to their website and the quality shown was not even close to any of items I did receive.

    I highly suspect they have taken photos from other companies and are attempting to recreate them in a low quality way. Feel stupid. I wish I could send you photos of what I actually received. Crazy.

  2. I received a part of my order. This company is a bunch of liars. I order a hoodie with sequins. There are no single sequin on it. This hoodie is the worst thing I can imagine. Very heavy and ugly fabrics, etc. I tried to post my review on their site, but I could not do this, because ” you can post the review only if you buy this thing”.
    Now I am waiting for the second half of my order.

  3. I had The same experience, the clothes that they sent me did not look anything like they did on the website !
    and they have been giving me the runaround about returning them for a month. Now to return the clothes I have to send them back to China..
    Very very poor quality clothes

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