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Voyager App Down {Jan} Challenge to Bitcoins Trade

Voyager App Down {Jan} Challenge to Bitcoins Trade -> This article describes an app that provides digital trading facilities to traders but how it is leading problems to the traders due to its server down.

Are you crazy about bitcoins and digital currencies? Do you want to trade with digital currencies? The digitalization of trade is the new trend amongst traders. If you’re going to get the experience of trading with cryptocurrencies, you are at the right place to know about one such app which was efficient in providing cryptocurrencies.

There have been many problems, too, concerning bitcoins and trade. In this article, we will analyze one such issue with an app which deals with bitcoins.

Voyager App is from the United States, which is being popular all over the world. It was influential initially and got a great response from the people, but recently the server was down. Voyager App down created chaos among the cryptocurrency’s traders.

What is Voyager App?

Voyager is an app that lets people trade Bitcoin and Ethereumas well as Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies directly from your bank. The voyager app concerns multiple exchanges, which offer unmatched access to cryptocurrencies. It provides competitive prices on trade and faster and more reliable execution.

Customers can connect their bank account to the voyager account and start trading with the account. As soon as the server got down from this app, it created a fuss amongst the traders. Voyager app Down created a problem for the trader as they cannot do their work, causing lots of issues to them.

Features of Voyager App:

  • It is an easy and simple crypto app that provides a more significant opportunity for people to enjoy the digital transaction easily directly from the account.
  • It is an easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies commission-free to the people. 
  • You can quickly deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies easily in this account.
  • There is a portfolio and profit management system through which you can track your profit and loss on each crypto trade.

But the Voyager App Down created a problem amongst the traders as they cannot trade, and their currencies are also stuck in their accounts. The traders are requesting to solve the problem immediately and they claim this is not the first time is server has been down. Traders have experienced it many times.

What are the shortcomings of the Voyager App?

  • Cryptocurrencies are speculative, so it involves a high degree of risk, which can reduce your currency’s value.
  • It is only for United States Residents, excluding New York.

What led to Voyager App Down?

It got down because the app experienced intermittent outages of an unprecedented number of growth in the users. Thus, the server could not control the increase in numbers which led to the server down and it created problems for the traders as their work is now stuck, and their amount is also stuck in this voyager account. Thus, traders are facing problems and requesting to solve the issue to start their trading again.

Final Verdict: 

Voyager App provides a cryptocurrency facility to traders, becoming a new trend among people. Voyager App Down led to the traders’ many problems as their trade functions are now stuck with their amounts in their accounts.

If you have any such experience with this app, please express your views in the comment section below.

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