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What Does #662# Do (March 2022) Get Your Scam Calls Blocked!

What Does #662# Do (March 2022) Get Your Scam Calls Blocked! >> This article will tell you about a code that lets you block unwanted scam calls. Please read the information now.

Are you wondering What Does #662# Do? If you are tired of those annoying scam calls, then we have a solution that might work for you. You will be able to get rid of and block those scam calls once and for all. All you need is a code, and we are here to give you that.

T-Mobiles have introduced the technology in the United Stateswhich aims to protect customers from scam calls. These calls have cost users hundreds of dollars, so this technology seems like a great initiative on the company’s part. 

Let’s dive into the details and tell you if it really works. 

All about the code #662#

T-Mobile launched the Scam ID and Scam Block features so that people in the United States do not fall prey to scam calls. The customers are alerted of a scam call due to the scam id, and once they enable the Scam Block feature, the call will never even reach them. 

This feature was launched in 2017, though it does seem like not a lot of people were aware of it as people are still not aware of What Does #662# Do

When someone calls a user subscribed to the T-Mobile network, it gets analyzed by their technology and is run against an up to date database of thousands of scam numbers. As the behavior of each incoming call is monitored for scam detection patterns, the database is kept updated in real-time. 

By dialing #662# from their phones, customers activate the free scam calls block and will not be bothered by any such calls again

Does #662# really work?

We found several articles online that talk about this feature and many customers were wondering What Does #662# Do?It does indeed block scam calls, and you should activate this feature on your phone. If you are using a different wireless carrier, then they have their own apps to provide you with this feature.

As per T-Mobiles, they have blocked 3.5 billion calls, and warnings were issued to over 15 billion customers for calls that were likely to be scams. We found comments from customers online that are quite happy with this feature as it makes ignoring such calls convenient.

What Does #662# Do: Final Thoughts

Fraudsters dupe people of money by giving enticing offers, and scam calls are ways to get in touch with the customers. It is essential that you are aware of the ways in which you can keep yourself safe from such scams, and the best way is to educate yourself. 

If you are still unsure of ityou can search on the Internet and read available information for the same.

Dear Readers, if you have used the code successfully or would like to share any views and suggestions regarding What Does #662# Do, please write to us in the comments section below.

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