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What is Claude Cahun For Known {Oct 2021} Read To Know!

This article helps you guide the fact that What is Claude Cahun For Known and many more engaging facts.

Are you interested in photography, portraits, sketches, paintings, sculptures, etc.? Did you see a doodle of Claude Cahun on Google? Were you puzzled that What is Claude Cahun For Known? She was a surrealist photographer, author, and sculptor who shook the roots of gender and physicality across many regions, especially in the United States. She was French-born and protested the typical rules of the 20th century. Google honored her with Monday’s doodle on her 127th birthday. To know more about Claude Cahun, continue reading this article-


  • Name- Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob
  • Another name- Claude Cahun
  • Born on- October 25, 1894, France.
  • Died on- December 8, 1954 (aged 60), Jersey.
  • Nationality- French
  • Spouse- Marcel Moore
  • Children- Not known
  • Parents- Mary and Antoinette Courbe baisse
  • What is Claude Cahun For Known– Photography, self-portraits, compositions, arts.
  • Education- Parson Mead School, University of Paris.
  • Books- Disavowals, Don’t Kiss Me: The Art of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, Heroines, The unknown heroine, Claude Cahun.
  • Movies- Magic mirror, Playing a Part: The Story of Claude Cahun.
  • Movements- Surrealism

Who Was Claude Cahun-

She was a photographer who questioned gender individuality and is also famous for her self-portraits. Her art, writing, and photography were complex and tough to understand. Her behaviour and personality were neither masculine nor feminine. Claude’s work boycotted sensual bars and has become increasingly appropriate. Many people questioned What is Claude Cahun For Known because of her name change. She changed her name for the third time from Lucy Schwob to Claude Cahun. It was her way of revolting.

Cahun is supposed to be an artist who adopted gender and physicality long before the phrase appeared. Her work left a tremendous impression on photography and impacted numerous prominent photographers. Today, her works are carried in the assemblages of museums across the world. Decades after her demise, she gave rise to the art historiographers, feminists, and population in the lesbian, transgender, ambidextrous, gay, and queer communities.

What is Claude Cahun For Known?

Claude Cahun is known for her iconic self-portraits. Most of her works reveal her as a powerful feminist who dulls the thought of a masculine and feminine character from society. To honor her, Google commemorated her in a very elegant way. They displayed her animated doodle amidst the letters spelling out Google’s name.

Apart from that, her work is being praised in the whole world, and some of them are- The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, etc.


In conclusion, an answer to What is Claude Cahun For Known is simple. She was and still is a prominent self-portrait photographer who shook the vulnerable roots of gender and physicality. She removed all the gender barriers and was the one who influenced the LGBTQ community, for which the whole world is thankful.

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