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What Is Race Spongebob {Feb} A Character’s Detail, Theme

The trend on Twitter about What is Race Spongebob has a ridiculous reason behind it. Read here to find out.

The Great Snail Race has been in the news for quite a long time. There are episodes with the same name and a book as well. Recently, the announcement has been made out with a search What is Race Spongebob on Google as cartoon fans Worldwide have urged people to type it out on Google and see the baffling results that follow.

Some users have posted that go and search what race Spongebob is and see what is to come due to these searches. In this article, we would know the trend and other things associated with it. 

The Theme of Race Spongebob

The name race Spongebob comes from an episode from the show. The episode is named ‘the Great Snail Race’. In this episode, in the book chapter, What is Race Spongebob is not ready to enter into the race, but Squidward convinces him as Squidward believes that Snellie is better than Gary. Three contestants were participating in the race. At the very start of the race, Gary and Rocky exhaust. Gary was exhausted because of the training by Spongebob. Gary started but could not control himself and went awry. 

Gary exploded completely, and the audience was cheering for Snellie, but at that moment, Snellie came back to Gary, and they instantly fell in love with each other. Thereon, Rocky went on to win the match. 

The trend of What is Race Spongebob

Further in the episode, Rocky’s master Patrick takes the trophy but hands it over to Squidward as a humble gesture. The episode ends humorously when the award has miss spelt Squidward’s name. 

There is no information about the starting of this trend, but thousands of tweets have been made to ask others to go and search on Google what race is Spongebob. When you dig this, an article from Medium will come up claiming that Spongebob is a black, light-skinned character who may pass as white sometimes.  

These search results for What is Race Spongebob are on the face of the ridiculous. The trend then started, and people began asking each other the same thing. Another trend started where they were tweeting on each other’s posts that ‘Why did you even Search that’?

The things on Twitter often go awry but racing Spongebob is certainly ridiculous. That is why it has given everyone a good laugh at the end. The meaning of the term ‘race’ has moulded things altogether and cast an entirely different picture. 


The trends are often on Twitter, but the trend with What is Race Spongebob trend was not very common as it is just about a cartoon character whose ‘race’ is mentioned in an article on Google. The people who persuaded each other to search for the same thing made a good laugh in the end. To know more, see Twitter users in disbelief at bizarre ‘what race is Eueditorial

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