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What Is The Squid Game About (Sep 2021) Let Us Find Here

 In this post, you will know What Is the Squid Game About and all the other related details.

Are you wondering about what is Squid Game and why suddenly everybody is talking about it? You are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss about the Squid Game. 

It is a recently released Netflix Series that is getting popular Worldwide, and it is by far the first Korean Drama to get into the top ten of the Netflix platforms.

Now, if you are not a fan of Korean drama, we promise that this series will change your mind, and you will love watching this series. Let us discuss more What Is the Squid Game About further in this post.

Brief About Squid Game

As mentioned, it is a Netflix series that is getting lots of love from people throughout the globe. Released on Friday, 17 September 2021, this series has made its place on the top ten Netflix platforms only two days after its release.

The stars Kim Joo-young, Lee Yoo-mi, Park Hae-soo, HoYeon Jung, Lee Jung-Jae and Heo-Sung-Tae, have done a tremendous job in this series. Many are taking this series as a mash-up of “Kill Bill” and “Hunger Games.” Let’s see what the term Squid Game means further.

What Is the Squid Game About?

Have you played a game in childhood in which the one who loses dies well? Take the Squid game somewhat that way but make it for the real, interesting, mysterious, adventurous, and deadly game. Almost 456 people face financial crises in their lives and strive for survival taking part to win this game.

The contestants are promised that the winner will get the 45.6 billion South Korean won, which is 38.5 million US dollars. If you think that the storyline is quite basic, believe us, it is the opposite of What Is the Squid Game About, and this series has quite a lot to offer that you will only know after watching it.

Information to Gamers about Squid Game

Another exciting news for gamers about Squid Game is Roblox as also a game named Squid Game is created and is most likely presumed to be based on this series. So, if you are a Roblox fan as well, this game will give you an adventurous experience. 

This game is gaining huge attention from the gamers as it has increased so much popularity in a short amount of time. If you were looking for a real Squid game, this could be the answer to your What Is the Squid Game About question.

The Final Verdict

The reviews on this series are quite remarkable, and it has got over 8.3 out of 10 ratings, which means it will be quite a watch. Also, this trailer will give you a brief idea about this series, and the trailer doesn’t justify the story of this drama. You can only get that after watching the whole series. 

What are your views on Squid Game? Have you decided to watch the Squid game? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, do share this What Is the Squid Game About post to inform others. 

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