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What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022 {May} Read!

This article “what time is the meteor shower tonight 2022” provides the timing details along with the information on Tau Herculid meteor shower.

Do you love watching nature’s animated film “Meteor Shower”? Are you eager to know the recent meteor shower’s name? The recent meteor shower will be visible clearly across the United States. And here is the article which presents an interesting information about What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022

The meteor shower

It is a celestial event that occurs when the Earth passes through a comet’s debris path. When the debris from this comet collides with the Earth’s atmosphere, it begins to burn as dust while illuminating some sparkling lights known as meteor showers. The comet responsible for the recent meteor shower is called as Tau Herculid; it will occur from May 30 to May 31.

  • The global time to see the meteor shower is 5.00 GMT.
  • NASA recommended the timings of 1.00 am for east coast countries and 10.00 pm for west coast countries.

What Time Is Meteor Shower May 30 2022?

As the Earth rotates on its axis, all countries will get different timings to witness the meteor shower. For example, in the United States, people can see the shower during the night, but in some countries like India, people can witness the meteor shower during the daytime.

According to NASA, the shower will be more visible and clear in northern hemisphere countries, primarily the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico, and the Tau Herculid meteor shower will be the most intense shower in history. So people are more curious to see the meteor shower, and the countdown has begun!

The outburst

What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022 is the most trending question online because this time, the comet named 73p/Schwassmann–Wachmann 3 or SWS 3 , when the comets’ debris  comes into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, it outbursts into 1400 to 100000 meteors, and it will be like a lightning show. That trail of debris from a comet is seen as showers. This comet was discovered in the year 1930. It has passed Earth a few times. It was recently passed in 2006 and fragmented into 70 pieces, from which it degraded into many pieces.

NASA experts’ view

What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022? The NASA experts said that the velocity at which the debris hits the Earth’s atmosphere produces the shower, but the speed at which it hits the atmosphere is much slower, so the visibility of the meteor shower will be light and faint.

 It travels at a speed of 220 miles per hour. The ejection speed is also slower than other meteor showers, so many countries cannot witness the beautiful Tau Herculid meteor shower. But some media have organized virtual meteor showers by telecasting them on online.


Thus the article What Time Is the Meteor Shower Tonight 2022, discussed the important information about the recent historic meteor shower. Nature is something that always helps us from any form of disaster; it uses all of its forces to protect us, even then that protection process looks like a lightning shower to us. For more updates.

Do you find this article interesting? Let us know about your sweet memories of seeing meteor showers in the comment section

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