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When Is Roblox Shutting Down 2021 {Feb} Is it a Hoax!

When Is Roblox Shutting Down 2021 {Feb}- Is the recent news about the online gaming platform real, Read the article below to know everything in detail.

The brainchild of David Baszucki and Erik Cassel always remain in the news since its debut in 2006. The popularity of the game is such that any bad information related to this online gaming platform gets players worried in the United States and other parts of the world. 

Since last year about Roblox, there is news floating in the market; in this article, we will try to find out if this news is real or fake. If this news about the game getting shut is then When is Roblox Shutting Down 2021, we will try to find out in this article, so keep reading this article till the end to know in detail about your favorite game.

What is Roblox shutting down in 2021?

Roblox is a gaming platform which allows the player to create a game, play the game, socialize, and chat, and it has around 180 million account holder. With so many people actively engaged with this platform, any news of it getting close gets players worried.

The news related to its shutdown originated from some unknown website, which was later shut down. It led to creating a fan club of 10,000 players known as stop Roblox from shutting down. Though this news is old, its frenzy is carrying in the year 2021.

Roblox and News of Its Demise:

Since its debut in 2006, it has been news due to its ever-increasing customer base. When is Roblox Shutting Down 2021 is the recent headline which is circulating in the media? Two years ago, also information of its getting banned got all its players in a frenzy.

Is this the marketing gimmick by the company to keep the player’s interest intact in the United States? Or it is hoax news by some third party to catch the attention of its loyal customer base. We tried to do our research and bring the fact in front of you.

We try to correlate other news related to this game about which we will discuss ahead, so keep reading this article till the end to know in detail everything related to your favorite game.

When is Roblox Shutting Down 2021 Hoax?

With so much rumor going on, Roblox Corporation officials needed to step in at some stage, and they did it with their tweet on social media account. They made it clear that every two-year rumor related to this online gaming platform is circulated in the media and on the internet, and Roblox isn’t going to shut down shortly.

They termed the news on the internet as a hoax and asked players and game makers to not believe in such irresponsible information. In 2019, the story of the game getting banned was circulated on the internet, but it later turned that the gaming platform banned your tuber Roblox account.

So we found the news of when is Roblox Shutting Down 2021to be a hoax.

Final verdict:

Apart from finding that news related to Roblox demise is a hoax, we found that one or two incidents related to this game are always circulated in the media to get the attention of the fans. After a tweet by an official of the company, this frenzy should have died but that is not the case.

The same incident is mentioned again and again to get some eyeballs, so we would tell the players to relax and enjoy the online game and do not pay attention to the fake news floating on the digital platform.

If you have come across news, when is Roblox Shutting Down 2021, please do share your views regarding those articles in the comment section below?

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