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Whitelaw Riley Obituary {June} What Happened To Her?

To update readers, the guide shares details about a murder case and Whitelaw Riley Obituary. 

Do you know a 17-year-old girl, Riley Whitelaw, who was shot dead by her co-worker? Riley Whitelaw was only 17-year-old when she was shot dead by her co-worker, Joshua Johnson. The Colorado Springs Police Department said that the business manager informed them. 

When they reached the spot, they found a body in the break room with blood all over it. They discovered the body of the teenager, identified as Riley Whitelaw. After she was pronounced dead, her friends and family in the United States searched for details on Whitelaw Riley Obituary.  

Riley Whitelaw Obituary and Dateline

As per the local police’s first report, her business manager reported the incident on 11th June 2022. Her family member released the obituary online after she was pronounced dead by the police investigating the case. 

Colorado Springs Police, United States, registered the incident. As per the reports, a shopper heard a woman screaming, and the sound was like stalls slamming. She heard the sound around 5:45 pm last Saturday. A man was arrested in the murder case and is scheduled to appear in court on 21st June.    

About the Case of Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs

A 17-year-old girl from Colorado Springs, Riley Whitelaw, was shot dead by one of her co-workers, Joshua Johnson. She showed up concerned to her manager last year about the suspect who killed her. 

The manager Zunino said he talked to Johnson and asked him to keep everything processional. Recently, she said that Johnson made him feel uncomfortable at work. Also, after Joshua Johnson was arrested for the murder case, he said that he had a crush on Riley earlier, but he is no longer interested and has feelings for her. 

He finally admitted that he was in the break room and fell in the blood for Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs. However, police are investigating the case, and he was arrested for a 1st-degree murder case. 

Burial Arrangements & Riley Whitelaw Obituary 

The family members arranged the arrangement for her burial, and the funeral, obituary, and life celebration information will be published online by her loved ones and family members at a suitable time. Her friends and family members will be updated accordingly via her obituary.

Meantime, all her friends and family are urged to share their tributes and mourn for the deceased. People are urged to share their condolences for the deceased and her family. The details about the Whitelaw Riley Obituary, funeral, and life celebration will be available soon. So, add your tributes and pray for the departed soul to give the courage to bear the loss of Whitelaw Riley.


Riley Whitelaw was shot dead by one of her co-workers on 11th June 2022. As per the first report, she was killed by one of her co-workers, who was later arrested under a murder charge.  After she was pronounced dead, all her family members were shocked, and they started sharing their condolences on Social Media and looking for event details and Whitelaw Riley Obituary.

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