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Who Owns antifa.com Domain {Jan} Mystery Behind Domain!

Who Owns antifa.com Domain {Jan} Mystery Behind Domain! >> Read up the blog to learn about the mystery of a redirecting domain to the White house portal.

Who Owns antifa.com Domain? Do you; want to find out the mystery behind this mysterious node name? If yes, then read across the article.

Furthermore, some hours ago, this domain started redirecting its visitors on the United States‘ white house portal, due to which patrons curiously started searching and querying about this matter.

However, this redirection process has given rise to a flood of questions and doubts, making everybody eager to learn the truth behind this mysterious domain. Various patrons were chatting and wanted to glean does this node address has any links with Joe Biden’s site.

Browse through this blog post to learn the reality of this domain.   

Who Owns antifa.com Domain?

Our team members tried hard to discover the domain owners, but it seems like the web portal’s owner information, including its name, is protected through its node registrar.

However, as per the research and other network channels, it looks like the node registrant is; classified as being in “Panama” and a phone number in Southern Minnesota with an area code, i.e., 507.

Besides, the contact number is associated up with numerous accusations of deception. In fact, in March, Microsoft approached an injunction on the internet site owners.

Does the campaign portal of Joe Bidden is tied with this domain?

In line with our prelims to detect Who Owns the Domain antifa.com? Yes, on typing the domain in the; search engine, this portal’s node is redirecting to the white house website. Still, it doesn’t mean that the node is connected with Joe Biden’s internet site as anyone can purchase a node name and link it to any other internet page even though the two possess no connection.

What does our investigation say?

While finding the mystery behind the domain name, our team has found that the node address was; previously linked with other web portals; scroll to study more.

In context with Wayback-Machine Archive, the domain has started redirecting on Joe Biden’s official transition web portal BuildBackBetter.gov before 20 January, as per the reports on Who Owns antifa.com Domain? We discovered it is turning the visitors over WhiteHouse.gov.

Moreover, on 28 August, it was linked to the campaign portal of Kamala Harris’

Furthermore, the thing that is happening here is HTTP or URL redirect. The Firefox browser developers explain that when a redirection process is; used, it automatically directs a browser to go to another defined link address.

When a browser holds a redirect, they instantly load the new web address. 

Furthermore, it implies that whoever owns the particularized domain has automatically set the URL address to redirect the page. However, the campaign itself cannot stop the redirection process, and either the destination of a redirection process can’t deteriorate it.

End of Who Owns antifa.com Domain

Unfortunately, we cannot unveil the domain’s owner’s real identity or its potential and honest motives through all inspection and investigation.

Furthermore, it might be possible that its owners made this URL to imply a feasible real-world association between the Antifa movement and Joe’s campaign or to troll United States‘ web users.

Moreover, it is to inform you that Antifa’s archived reports are; linked to a petite Twitter account created in April 2020. However, that account had since been; ceased or banned for disrupting Twitter rules.

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