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Who Owns Keystone Pipeline {Jan 2021} Read On Keystone!

Who Owns Keystone Pipeline {Jan 2021} Read On Keystone! >> Find out the complete information about the KXL owner, & get genuine knowledge about the project.

The most controversial project ever in Canada, United States– we are going to give insight into it. Guess which project we will be going to discuss!

Yes! Your guess is right; we will be going to discuss the KXL pipeline project. This project has been on the headlines for a long time due to some controversies. Along with diplomatic issues, it includes several controversies.

Individuals who do not know this matter, read the below part to know Who Owns Keystone Pipeline, along with brief details about this pipeline, controversies, the owner company, and much more.

What is the Keystone Pipeline?

Keystone Pipeline is the ‘oil pipeline system,’ based in Canada, United States, consisting of 4 operational phases- Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and the golf coast pipeline project. 

Since 2010, the Keystone pipeline is the 2151 mi (3461 KM) Canadian crude oil transporting pipeline to the Mid-west market & Cushing in the US. This project has been proposed to increase the supply of Canadian Crude Oil to the main refining hubs for helping the US’s energy supply.

Who Owns Keystone Pipeline?

This project has been introduced for supplying Crude oil to the market hubs, notably benefiting Energy supply in the US. TC Energy owns this pipeline project, and the Government of Alberta has supported TC Energy. Further proceeding, we are going to show brief information about the Owner.

TC Energy:

TC Energy, the Keystone Pipeline project owner, was formerly known as Trans Canada Pipeline Limited, developed by the special act of Parliament in 1951. This organization’s developing purpose was to develop Canadian Mainline (Trans Canada Pipeline) for supplying natural gas in the east Canadian market hub, which was produced in the West part.

Following Who Owns Keystone XL Pipeline, it became the 4th largest Energy Services Company in North America by collaborating with Nova Corporation in 1998. TC Energy Limited obtained ‘Columbia Pipeline Group’ for 13 billion American dollars, further expanding its existence.

In 2019, Trans Canada Pipeline Limited changed its name to TC Energy Limited and mainly run its operation in Canada, Mexico, and the US. The main 3 core-businesses operated by TC Energy are- Energy, Natural- gases Pipeline, Liquids Pipeline.

Alberta Government invested in TC Energy’s Keystone pipeline project, which includes around 1.5 billion dollar equity investment in 2020; moreover 6 billion dollar loan assurance in 2021.

Following Who Owns Keystone Pipeline, Few controversies regarding this project:

This project has faced several controversies and protests due to the environment has affected by this project. It can be beneficial for supplying more energy; however, it can be dangerous for wildlife, especially endangered animal species. 

Many rare types of animal species will get hurt, or worst, they may be killed. The report tells that around 12 endangered animal species scattered in 4 states will be hurt by the suggested KXL route.


KXL Pipeline project is owned by TC Energy; along with the Energy project, it operates several other operations. Dozens of controversies are on the news regarding this project. A handsome knowledge about ‘ Who Owns Keystone Pipeline ‘ has been provided in the above article, for more update on this matter, kindly follow our articles.

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