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Who Owns Spanx {Oct} Know The Company Ownership Details!

Do you want to know about Who Owns Spanx? Read the article and know the details of the company.

Haven’t there been so many different types of private businesses worldwide? Through this particular article on one particular American company, we would like to talk about one underwear making company.

People from different countries, including the United States, have been talking about this particular company, and they want to know the products the Spanx company is offering to them. Through this particular article on Who Owns Spanx, we would like to say that this particular company belongs to the apparel industry and it is a private company.

What is Spanx?

This particular company of Spanx is very famous in America, and its headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, US. The products that this company deals in belong to pantyhose and hosiery. As far as the revenue of this particular company is concerned, the estimated revenue is approximately 400 million U.S. dollars which is till 30 June 2018.

As far as the number of employees of this particular company is concerned, this company has 750 employees. When we go back to the founder, then through this particular article on Who Owns Spanx, we will come to know that its founder invested her life savings of 5000 U.S. dollars at the age of 27.

She developed and researched the concept of hosiery, and she got to know about its businesses. There was a kind of testing on her friends and family members as far as the garments are concerned. We also learned that this testing on her close relatives made the industry go successfully well in the coming time. The company’s launch took place, and she took the company forward in a great way.

Who Owns Spanx?

Through this particular article on the topic of a company that is related to garment selling which involves undergarments, we came to know that the name of the founder is Sara Blakely.  She had this particular thing in her mind that she had to take this particular business of garments way forward.

She never looked back from 2000 onwards when she started marketing her company in a great manner. Spanx is such an American company related to undergarments that have become very famous among the people of America and other parts of the world.

Through this particular article on Who Owns Spanx, we can say that its history has been amazing, and the marketing of the Spanx company has been on a large scale.

Blakeley also searched for a manufacturing partner, and ThomasNet became the manufacturing partner.

When we talk about the first year of the existence of the company, then we can say that the founder of the company recruited most of her friends for filling the orders, and she also generated 8,000,000 U.S. dollars in retail sales.


This particular company of Spanx did a great job in terms of giving the customers quality undergarments. The thing that customers like about this particular Spanx company is that they believe in its products completely. Through this particular article on Who Owns Spanx, we came to know that customers have had a strong faith in the quality of the company.

How do you want to give your views on this article about a company of undergarments? Give your views.

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