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Who Started Kwanzaa (Dec) Read to Know Interesting Facts

Who Started Kwanzaa (Dec) Read to Know Interesting Facts >>In this article, you are going through the details of a festival that will last for seven days!

Introduction: Are you excited to know that Who Started Kwanzaa? It is a festival that is celebrated for seven days. The main attraction of this festival is to lit seven candles during the seven days of the celebrations.

Kwanzaa is celebrated mostly in the United States. Kwanzaa is a celebration enjoyed in December every year for American and African-American history and culture. It is celebrated for one week.

The festival will be celebrated differently this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which affected many lives across the world.This article will let you all the details of Kwanzaa and its origination.

Who Started Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is a festival based on the seven principles. Dr Maulana Karenga initialized it. It first started in 1966. He wanted to create a way to bring close the African Americans and make them remember their culture, the black culture.First Fruit’ or Harvest is celebrated all around Africa. Celebrations use to make people come together. Besides, it used to make them thank and mark for the good things in their communities and lives.

Due to these festivals, Dr Maulana Karenga created and started Kwanzaa. We are glad to answer the query that Who Started Kwanzaa?

What Are The Seven Candles Called In Kwanzaa?

Seven candles are the seven principles, which include:

  • Unity: Umoja
  • Self Determination: Kujichagulia
  • Collective responsibility and work: Ujima
  • Cooperative economics: Ujamaa
  • Purpose: Nia

Besides this, there are seven symbols for the festival Kwanzaa. These symbols are the following:

  • The Mat: Mkeka
  • The Unity Cup: Kikombe cha Umoja
  • Vegetables and Fruits from the Harvest: Mazao
  • Candleholder: Kinara
  • Seven Candles: Mishumaa Saba
  • The Corn: Muhindi
  • Gifts: Zawadi

Therefore, the answer for your query Who Started Kwanzaa? It is Dr Maulana Karenga.

What Are The Two Symbols Used in Kwanzaa?

The two symbols used in Kwanzaa are the following:

  • A flag containing three horizontal stripes are referred to as “Bendera.” These three stripes are of red, green, and black colour.
  • A poster containing seven principles for the festival Kwanzaa are referred to as “Nguzo Saba Poster.”


Kwanzaa, mostly a celebration in the United States, celebrated based on seven principles. This celebration of festival Kwanzaa is for seven days.Kwanzaa is a celebration that starts on December 26 and lasts till January 1. It is celebrated every year. 

During Kwanzaa, the Mishumaa Saba or seven candles are lighted that are based on Seven Principles. The seven principles are for the African family, values, culture, and community. 

The seven candles are also known as Kinara, a candle holder for Kwanzaa. The colours of the candles are red, black, and green. In the candle holder, three red candles are lighted on the left, three green candles are placed on the right, and one black candle in the centre.Many viewers wanted to know that Who Started Kwanzaa? Dr Maulana Karenga started Kwanzaa.Please share this article and comment at the end.

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