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Why Is There No Easter Google Doodle {April} Read It!

Why Is There No Easter Google Doodle {April} Read It!>> This news article shares information about the Doodles and its guidelines for various events.

We open the Google page for browsing the important news, and what we see is something different in the logo of Google as its unique feature, i.e., Doodle. Google has a policy of representing some important festivals, anniversaries, historical movements, etc., despite showing their logo.  

We can see Doodles for almost every occasion, which would be symbolically represented. But people from the United States want to know Why Is There No Easter Google Doodlein this article; we will analyse the reasons behind these doodles and why it does include Easter days. 

What is Doodle?

Doodle is a symbolic representation of any historical event, anniversaries, holidays, events, and achievements of prominent personalities. It is a temporary alteration of the logo of Google. It is said that the first google doodle was made in 1998 to clarify its name in one of the cases. Later the tradition was continued, and Google follows it to date. 

When did Google create the first Doodle for Easter?

In 2000, Google first created Doodle for Easter day. After this, no alteration of the Google logo and no Doodle was made on Easter Day. 

What are the criticisms concerning Doodles?

People often have this criticism regarding the fact that Google does not represent Doodles on Easter days. They ask Why Is There No Easter Google Doodle? Google has its policy regarding Doodles, and therefore, Easter day is not represented on the Doodles. 

In 2013, people criticised that Easter Day; it displayed the Doodle of an activist from the United States instead of Easter. Therefore, people sometimes remain unhappy with this gesture of Google. What are the reasons for this negligence is listed below? Google does not support any particular religion; it is secular from its perspectives. 

Why Is There No Easter Google Doodle?

Google has its policy of restricting itself from representing any religious event. If so, it avoids using the name, religious theme or symbol of the religion. In April 2018, Google made it very clear that Google does not hold Doodles for religious holidays. It has some of the Doodle concerning religious festivals but, it does not specify it. 

It represents some of the non-religious events drawn from the religious events, but it avoids religious images and symbols in the doodles. Thus, these are the reasons and answers to the question Why Is There No Easter Google Doodle?

Final Verdict: 

The display of different types of Doodles represents the respect and honour of Google to various personalities and events. It has shown different types of symbols replacing its logo. But people always had this doubt that why does Google does not consider the Easter day Doodle. After analysing the Google Doodle guidelines, it is clear that it does not represent Easter day doodle because it represents a particular religion rather than the overall sentiments of the people. Therefore, we hope that the answer to Why Is There No Easter Google Doodle is crystal clear. 

What are your views regarding these guidelines? You can share your opinions in the comment section below.

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