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Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends {July} Checkout!

A man has recently realized that he has no friends to become the best man at his wedding. Kindly read Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends post to learn more.

Do you have friends whom you can count on for difficult times? If yes, please tag them in the comment section. However, such is not the case with everyone. People may be outgoing and talkative yet may have zero friends. 

Many people in the United States and Canada have released that they have zero or fewer friends to rely upon after reading a study. Do you want to read about the study? If yes, kindly continue with our Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends article.

What is the story?

Why do guys seem to have such a limited social circle? When MAX DICKINS was planning his wedding, he became anxious because he could not think of someone worthy of becoming his best man. This realization set in motion a journey that was both heartfelt and hilarious in its quest to answer the age-old problem.

More Details

Max Dickins is a very great guy to hang out with. He is talkative and friendly, as well as has good manners. What he does not have on Why Do So Many Men Have No Real Friends, or at least what he did not have until very recently, is any genuine friends. 

The backstory 

Dickins, 34 years old, adds, “I didn’t realize I was lonely.” “But then in 2019, I proposed marriage to my fiancée and realized out that I had none I could invite to be my best person.” While going through his contact list he realized that he did not had close bestie who he can hang out. However, he only had his work colleagues in his list. He searched through his connections and discovered, with a terrible sensation on Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends– while he had a lot of work partners and acquaintances, he no longer had some close male friends. 

He said, “Like so many other guys, I no longer has some close male friends.” And I found myself wondering, “How did this come to pass?”

The Study

A staggering 61 percent of young people and 36% of Americans overall report experiencing “severe loneliness,” according to a study from Harvard University. According to a Cigna healthcare poll, almost 54% of American adults agree that “nobody knows me well.” It’s a situation of Why Do So Many Men Have No Real Friends that progressively worsens as we sit alone and are addicted to our devices.


A May 2021 survey found that since 1990, the proportion of men who report having “no close friends”  and had increased fivefold times, impacting almost one in six American men.

The majority of the apparent causes for our culture’s isolation precede the worldwide pandemic. What do you think? Is the study is showing the genuine situation of men or not? The comment section is down below for Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends. Click here for more details  

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