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8 Basic Woodworking Tools Every Beginner Must Own

8 Basic Woodworking Tools Every Beginner Must Own >> The scraping sound of the saw cutting through a plank, the earthy smell of freshly sawed wood, and the sense of accomplishment when you put every piece together. Woodworking is an art and there is nothing quite like it.

If you have decided to embark on the journey of becoming a woodworker, rest assured no other craft will give you the same kind of satisfaction ever again. Woodworking becomes an addiction to those who love it.

To start woodworking, you will need more than just wood. Walking into a hardware store can be bewildering for beginners. But, you do not need every tool that meets your eyes. Let’s start with the basics. Here are eight beginners woodworking tools you must own. 

Power Drill

A power drill is a must-have tool, not just for every workshop but for every household. Every time you need to put up a photo frame, painting, clock, etc, you will need a power drill.

For almost every woodwork project, when you attach the pieces, you will need to drill a hole. This is one of the many reasons why a power drill is a vital woodworking tool. If you need more power to drill through thicker wood, try using a battery with a higher AH.

With a cordless power drill driver, you can drill holes and drive screws, simply by changing bits. To check out reviews that will help you find the right cordless drill click here.

Table Saw

A table saw is one versatile tool that you can use to carry out many functions. You can cut pieces of wood both big and small. They are often stationary, not known for portability as its big.

It keeps your pieces in a stable position, giving you precise cuts. Once you get used to the fine finishing cuts of the table saw, you will be dissatisfied with the others. You are not just getting precision, you are getting it at the fastest pace. 

Table saw cuts through tough materials such as metal and helps you create projects that need long cuts. You can even straighten crooked boards, but that needs to be handled carefully to avoid accidents.


The Jigsaw carries out many functions that make it a crucial power tool for your workshop. For starters, it is portable and you can carry it anywhere. 

Jigsaws are moderately lightweight and you can use it to cut pretty much any kind of wood. It has a flat base that offers some stability and also keeps the blade fenced, which gives you some protection.

What makes it a true champion is its ability to cut holes, which no other saw in this list can do. Some also come with a tilting feature that will enable you to cut at an angle.

Your jigsaw will cut curves and handle tight spots that other portable saws may not be able to do.

Circular Saw

Why do you need a circular saw? Because it carries out many of the functions your table saw does, only it is portable. Is the piece of wood you are working with too big to bring indoor? Cut it with your circular saw. This makes your circular saw great for timber framing, and it is often used for that purpose.

While every saw on this list has some essential purpose to serve, your circular saw is a necessity. Your circular saw comes with a protection blade, that makes it safer than other power saws. It will cut straight lines and you can find a circular saw that cuts lumber, plywood, and even concrete!

Scroll Saw

Woodwork is not just about the heavy woodworking. Sometimes you would want to make delicate wooden crafts. Wouldn’t you like to make lovely wooden toys for your children?

Scroll saw is a stationary saw that comes with its little work table. It is often used on thin material for creating delicate, intricate cuts.

Scroll saws are mostly used for fine woodwork. So, if you want to create small wooden crafts and designs, you’ll need a scroll saw. You can create toys, signboards, wood cut-out decoratives, etc. You can even make jewelry with your scroll saw!

It is safe enough for teaching your children to make their toys! Check out these creative scrolls and look up the projects you can try making.

Miter saw

Another must-have tool for your D.I.Y projects is the miter saw. If you want to make cross cuts quickly, to get equal-sized pieces, your miter saw will be your go-to tools. It has immaculate accuracy and is perfect for making identical wooden projects.

You can cut accurate angles on your miter saw. They come with an inbuilt measuring system so that you can cut at the perfect angles and sizes.

If you are going to make crown moldings, wooden frames, door or window frames, etc, having one is pretty handy. However, the cut lengths are limited to the saw size. Most come with ten or twelve-inch blades, you choose the size depending on your cutting needs.

Random Orbit Sander

Every woodwork project needs sanding, otherwise, your final output will have terrible finishing. Even when you apply a finish, the surface imperfections will stand out, which may lead to scraping injuries. Plus, it just doesn’t look good. Sanding by hand takes a long time and energy. Even though there are few items that you would not be able to sand with a sander, but having a random orbital sander can help you sand most of your woodwork.

Why the random orbit sander? Because of its random movements, it wouldn’t always move in the same direction, which you need to avoid from making round scratch marks. Make sure you buy a sander for your workshop, as you will be doing plenty of sanding.

Nail Gun

Some woodworking projects need to put a lot of pieces together, and you won’t always be using screws. But, when you have to hammer thirty nails on that bookshelf, you will regret ever starting the project. Plus, hammer plus nails equal to hammer injuries waiting to happen.

This is why you need a good nail gun. Your nail gun will be your best friend for all your big projects and cut your nailing time from hours to minutes! You don’t have to worry about getting tired and you can get the job done faster.

Final Thoughts

These essential tools can make woodworking less tiring and more entertaining. Remember to always use proper protection while working at your workshop. Woodworking is addictive and satisfying, and having these tools will give your perfect results,

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