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Words That Start With Del {May 2022} Words & Meanings!

This article has been furnished with all the 5 letter Words That Start With Del with their meaning. Read the entire article to know more.  

Are you searching for words starting with the letters Del? You are on the right page! People in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom frequently play and research such vocabulary-boosting games.

You must be aware of some of the Words That Start With Del. These various words help solve word games such as Wordle and Scrabble. Please scroll down the entire article below to find new words and their meanings.

Words with their meanings

  • Delivery – the effort of delivering messages, containers, or welfare. 

It can also be termed the process of giving birth.

  • Delicate- fragile or something that can be easily broken. Very wonderful in composition or pattern; of sophisticated workmanship or disposition.
  • Delegate- an individual sent or enacted to depict others, specifically an elected diplomat to a committee. 

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  • Deletion- the reduction or demolishment of written or issued matter, primarily by drawing a line through it.
  • Delicacy- classiness or sophistication of fabric or configuration.
  • Delusion – it is a characteristic assumption or opinion conserved despite prevailing distinguished by the existence or reasonable opinion, generally indicating a mental illness.
  • Delirium – an acutely disturbed state of intellect illustrated by uneasiness, misconceptions, and incoherence, happening in inebriety, fever, and distinct ailments
  • Delusive- providing an inaccurate or deceitful notion
  • Delusory- delusive
  • Delegacy – a unit of representatives, a conference, or a commission.

Words That Start With Del

  • Delayers- to cut off the organizational hierarchy of (a huge organization) by lowering the number of layers in its configuration
  • Delaying- to make something or someone slow or late. 
  • Deleaded- to eliminate lead clasping to a metal object after cold-drawing it through a die in which the lead assisted as a grease.
  • Delaines – a convenient dress material of thread or wool and cotton rendered in patterns or strong colors.
  • Delating – to inform against or denounce someone.
  • Delation – the disposal of a commodity, especially a sound recording, from the catalog of those accessible for investment.

Five Letter Words That Start With Del

  • Delators – an ancient Roman prosecutor or informer.
  • Deleting- removing information 
  • Delisted – to remove from a category list.
  • Delights – to please someone greatly
  • Delimits – to determine the boundaries or limits of something or someone.
  • Deloused – treat an animal or a person to get rid of insects and parasites.
  • Delouser – a device or a substance that is used to remove lice from something or someone 
  • Deluster – the removal of lusture from a textile through a chemical process.
  • Deluding – to make someone believe that something is not true.

Final Verdict 

All the Words That Start With Del have been sorted and arranged in the above article with their meaning. According to the various online platforms, this article consists of all the 5 letter words that start with Del. This article will greatly help boost your vocabulary. 

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