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Write For Us Technology – Follow The Instructions

This post on the Write for Us Technology will help the contributors to learn the best and the easiest way to write a guest post. So, kindly read it below.

Do you know about Technology? Can you help our audience with your technology research? If yes, then you are welcome to contribute to the guest post section of the Dodbuzz page. We will discuss a lot more on Write for Us Technology. Here, you will also learn the correct format to write a post. Also, you can read about our page ahead.

About Dodbuzz Page

Our website provides content on different topics. The contributors are asked to research the given topics and write a post for our readers who want to know more about that particular subject. Our main research focuses on varieties of product reviews, investment, education, mutual funds, website reviews, sports news, world news, and many topics that help readers in any particular field. This time you can put your efforts into researching Technology and provide valuable opinions on it. 

Guidelines To Write The Write for Us + Technology!

We know that some new contributors may be confused about our terms and policies. But, you need not worry about that. We are always there whenever you are stuck. This section will let you know about the important guidelines. 

  • The guest post must comprise a word length of at least 500 words. It can extend up to 1000 words.
  • The contributors must research the topic properly and include important facts and details on technology in the guest post.
  • Use an external link after you have written 70 to 80 percent of the content.
  • The Technology Write for Us must be free from grammatical fallacy. If the content shows a score of less than 98 percent, it will not be accepted.
  • The contributors must write unique and authentic content without copying it from other sources. One can check the plagiarism score.
  • Highlight the primary or secondary keyword and the external link properly.
  • The readability score should be 90 percent. 
  • The spam rate on an external link cannot be more than 3 percent.
  • Never use any bad or false words in the content.
  • The gap between the keywords should be 90 to 110 words. Kindly maintain the word gap.

Subjects covered in the “Write for Us” + Technology

  • What is Technology?
  • Importance of Technology 
  • Technology and Science
  • How Has Technology Helped Us In Numerous Inventions?
  • Use Of Technology
  • Different Technologies
  • Have the Latest Technologies Made Our Work Easier?

Such topics seem to be eye-catchy and will attract the readers. The contributors should select a topic that is trending and can help the readers to diversify their minds on many different topics that can come out of this field, technology. 

Why should the contributors choose us?

The contributors can choose any online platform to build their skills. But, if you are choosing Dodbuzz, you may get distinct benefits. The contributors of the Technology + “Write for Us” may get advantages like:

  • We have a good position based on SERP.
  • The contributors get the attention of at least 1000 plus viewers daily.
  • They get to learn many new skills that can help them to grow. 
  • Our team provides topics for research based on efficient SEO. 

Know Eligibility For Guest Posts

We have not imposed any restrictions on guest post writing. Anyone can write a guest post based on their research. They should be a good researcher irrespective of their profession, age, class, etc. Anyone can send their guest post to the Dodbuzz website. 

How to send the Guest Post?

The Technology “Write for Us” post can be sent on our official jacksonhnry59@gmail.com. Kindly note the address carefully so that your content reaches the right address. We will review your guest post and let you know the results within 24 hours. We work 24/7 to respond to our contributors and you will surely get a response from our side. 

The contributors should not share the duplicate of the post that they have sent to us with any other editor. We will not accept that guest post. So, kindly take care of it.


Summing up this post on the Write for Us Technology, we have helped our contributors in numerous ways by providing the correct format that our page Dodbuzz follows. Moreover, you must research Technology and then write.

What are your suggestions for the guest post? Please let us know if you need more assistance on the guest post.

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