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Write for Us Wood – Read And Follow All The Protocols!

The article, Write for Us Wood shares the simple guidelines for writing a guest post on the dodbuzz website along with the submission rules.

Do you remember your childhood science class where everyone read about the uses of trees and woods? Are you the person who has upgraded yourself and believes that cellulose fibres are the major components of wood? Wood was a basic need in ancient times, but now the purpose has hanged, not the needs. So our dodbuzz platform has decided to publish its purpose via Write for Us Wood guest post, and we invite the writers to contribute here.

The dodbuzz website

Our platform is considered one of our users’ best quality screen time. Because we value each second of our readers. So our website strives to provide the interesting as well as informative information to a large number of people.

Our focus genres are,

  • Website and product reviews
  • Lifestyle news
  • Entrepreneurship and business
  • Health, including natural and women’s health
  • Modern investment options like bitcoin etc.
  • Law and legal acts.

And we upgrade our topics list based on our audience’s opinions and recent trends . Now dodbuzz has decided to cover the topic of wood.

Our expectations for “Write For Us Wood Blog Guest Post

Wood covers a wide range of topics because it’s the essential consumption in every sector of the economy, so we didn’t limit the qualifications to certain people. We invite more diverse-background people to participate.

  • Dendrology, xylology studied people can present more details on the chemical composition, different woody plants, their growth and development, etc.
  • We welcome the arborist people to provide details about the healthy woods and their ways to prevent them from deteriorating.
  • We need a carbon dating specialist to shower their knowledge on calculating the age of the woods. E.g., the tree rings method. They can quote the recent inventions and methodology. 
  • Write For Us + Wood Blog article should focus on the following topics: chemical composition of woods; types of wood and their uses; woodworking; woods for different furniture designs; methods to conserve; government regulations for cutting and selling woods; every wood’s decomposition time; market value; global markets; traditional wood crafting methods etc.
  • We are not forcing the writers to pick these topics, but we are giving some examples because of our diverse reader base. So we want more advanced topics rather than conventional school topics.
  • We would be grateful if the writers could present a topic on identifying natural woods because many vendors deceive their customers by providing low-quality woods. 

Editing instructions

Wood Blog “”Write For Us”” article should be presented according to the guidelines listed below, and our team is excellent at what we do, so we expect the same from the writer.

  • Writers should only use the English language as the mode of writing. If they need to highlight quotes and statements in other languages, they should add the English translation below.
  • Never copy the work of other writers. 
  • Writers should check their language level; it shouldn’t be too technical.
  • Writers should check their grammar and readability scores. Try not to make any mistakes in the grammar and spelling parts.
  • Minimum word count: 800 to 1000 

Dodbuzz offerings

Each Write For Us + “”Wood Blog””” writer can get some default benefits of working with our team are,

  • Every guest post will be featured on our website, and it will be there for so many years. So people can remember their works for years, and the author can get a chance to register their name in people’s minds through their work. Our audience ranges from professionals to researchers, scholars. Hence, the writer can get a miraculous chance at any time.
  • Dodbuzz website is active on newsletter options, so people regularly get their updates, which helps the writers to get a good reach.

Submission of works

We request that all Write for Us Wood writers should send their work to the following mail address: jacksonhnry59@gmail.com.Writers can contact our team at any time, and while our responses may be delayed due to our heavy workload, we never fail to respond. Strictly writers should not send their uncompleted articles. That is very unprofessional. And the editing team has the sole rights to edit the selected articles.


Dodbuzz team knows the value of each second, so we will try to give immediate notifications to each writer’s work. The selection process will be updated to the writers’ mail ID. If their Write for Us Wood guest post is selected, they should not present that article to other forums. Let us enlighten the readers’ knowledge of timber, oak, and cedar!

Find out more about woods on

Did you feel you were the perfect person for this guest post? Tell us in the comments.


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