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Yanbal Com Reviews [April] – Can I Trust This Website?

Yanbal Com Reviews [April] – Can I Trust This Website? >> If you need answer of this question then read this post thoroughly. Here, you will get expert’s point of view about its legitimacy.

Online shopping is not just for purchasing fashion wears; there are lots of websites that sell other products like groceries, pet food, flowers, and vegetables. But what are you want a website where you can get thousands of collections of cosmetic products? There is a website named Yanbal.com, we will discuss in this article about its products and specialty and will give our unbiased yanbal com reviews.

It is an online cosmetic shop where you can get various types of cosmetic products. The website is very famous among women; the company also promote women welfare programs and work for their wellbeing as mentioned on their website. Online shopping from an online store is an incredible experience for a huge segment of online customers. 

According to the research, online shopping and web business is right now a billion-dollar industry. There are billions of consumers available over the web from different countries. As a result of globalization and open transportation, workplaces make the movement system progressively versatile. 

Regardless, as all finished, modernized stages are right now undependable. There are legit and a few fake websites, it is essential to trace out the legit one and altogether boycott the counterfeit websites. Awareness very important these days because of the increasing number of fake websites.

What is Yanbal.com?

Yanbal.com is an online cosmetic shop for women they sell thousands of ranges of cosmetic products, they also have few products for men, but primarily they made products for women like:

Makeup products

  • Face – Blush, Powder, Concealer, Primer, Foundation, Highlighter
  • Eyes – Eyebrow, Eye, Palettes, Eyeliner, Mascara
  • Lips – Nail Care, Lip Liner, Nail Colour, NAILS, Lipstick
  • Accessories – Eyelash Curler, Pencil, Sharpener, Brushes, Makeup Remover

Fragrance – Herbal, Woody, Floral, Oriental, Fruity

Necklaces – Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Sets

The company is offering a sale, in which you will get a few discounts on all products. Yanbal is a company situated in the United State and a 51 years old company, which beliefs in grow and let grow. That is the reason why they also run different programs related to women, where they allow women to be the sale person for the company. They have lots of offers and discounts for ladies. 

According to the company, they offer a freelancer role to anyone to become a style advisor and can participate in the company’s program. They can become a part of the company and can grow with the business. You can be an independent style advisor by signing up with all your details. The company will get back to you and will discuss all the procedures.

The company then provides you a soft skill training where you will be trained to sell the products, and then you can establish yourself as an independent style advisor. There are a lot of benefits that you will get during this business, like 50% commission, or free shipping to the customers, and many more.

The company is available over many social media platform and are endorsing their products. Overall we found the company s legit and works on-chain system where you can become a salesperson from the company and will get the benefits.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Yanbal.com)

Pros of Yanbal.com

  • Yanbal.com is an American company and provides equal opportunity for all, no matter from which race you belong.
  • They provide business opportunity to men and women, where they can become a freelancer style advisor and can earn a profit.
  • They have many varieties of products like fragrance, cologne, makeup items, and many more.
  • If you become a member, then you will get discounts, offers, and commission from the company.

Cons of Yanbal.com

  • The company is far from the city, which many people has an issue
  • The products are costly
  • They don’t offer heavy discounts on products

Exchange and Return Policy

  • Yanbal.com is giving 30 days of return time, where you can return the product if you don’t want to keep it.
  • If you return any product it should be in its original condition, any damage or broken item will not be accepted
  • If you return the product after $30, then you have to pay a $5 as a fine
  • You will get a complete refund if you don’t keep the product.
  • Refund will be credited to the customer’s account directly
  • You can cancel the product placement if you order it by mistake


The product from Yanbal.com is legit, and many consumers have reported it positively. Our research was based on the internet and yanbal com reviews provided by the consumers and employees. But the choice is your how you think about this website.

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