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Yeastore space Reviews {July} Read The Detail Of Scam Site

Yeastore space Reviews {July} Read The Detail Of Scam Site -> This article gives a detailed analysis of a newly set up webstore that sells home décor items.

Have you shopped online for home decor products recently? If not, there are several websites available online for home décor. And one of them is Yeastore.space, which sells a wide range of décor products for your home. But to know the legitimacy of the new webstore, we are providing you with Yeastore space Reviews.

Here in this article, you will get all the information related to the store, and it will help you judge the new e-store. Before shopping online and spending your precious money, it is essential to know the legitimacy of a new website.

The website is a newly launched one, from the United States, and offers a wide range of products. They are quite attractive and can lead to instant buying. Such types of mistakes can lead you into a scam. Thus, we need to be careful when shopping online from newly launched stores.

What is Yeastore.space?

It is a newly set up website that sells home decoration products and displays a wide variety of décor items, in a reasonable price range. The shipping policy indicates the delivery time between 7 to 10 days. 

The returns policy is not very good, and the products are to be returned within seven days of receiving. The amount is refunded back within 14 days. The exchanging of items takes around 3 to 14 days, and those items on sale cannot be returned or exchanged. The methods of payments include only PayPal. 

The Address for contact and a phone number is available for the customers. Email support is also available for contacting.


  • Website type – Online store for home décor items
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping fee – Free
  • Returns – Accepted within seven days
  • Exchange – Within 3 to 14 days
  • Office location – 66 Overlook Terrace, 6e New York 
  • Email address – support@yeastore.space
  • Contact Person – Trevor Lemaomvaya
  • Contact info – 954 843 6608
  • Payment mode – PayPal
  • Social media – No presence

Pros of buying from Yeastore.space

  • A range of décor products is available
  • The shipping fee is nil.

Cons of buying from Yeastore.space

  • A newly launched website (Just 18 days old)
  • The prices of the products are quite low.
  • The contact address is doubtful.
  • Nil presence detected on social media platforms.

Is Yeastore.space Legit?

To know the authenticity of this new webstore, we provide you with Yeastore space Reviews, in this post. The site was launched only 18 days ago and is highly unpopular. That was analyzed by the absence of reviews and feedback on various reviewing sites. A well-known website usually has a lot of reports available for new buyers to read.

Here, in this case, the reviews are only available on the website and nowhere else. Not even available on the WebOfTrust (WOT), which is a negative aspect of the new site? For the customers to shop online without fear, a website needs to be legit.

The website involves another country in addition to the United StatesThe other country is listed under a high risk of corruption. The trust score for the site is also low, and hence cannot be relied upon entirely.

What People Say about Yeastore.space?

Yeastore.space has positive reviews available on its website only, and that is a point of distrust. The customers of a popular website usually provide feedback on other reviewing sites as well. But it is missing in this case, which creates a doubtful image of the webstore.

To get more of Yeastore space Reviews, we researched further and found only negative feedback for the new e-store. People have uploaded videos on Youtube and indicated the webstore as a potential scam. That shows how people are perceiving the store and want new customers to be careful.

There are several websites on the web today that analyze such newly set up e-stores and tell you the legitimacy. This new webstore had only negative reviews available on these sites.

The Final Verdict

In the end, we can only say that the website Yeastore.space is not to be completed trusted. It has lots of negative aspects linked to it that show the untrustworthiness of this new site. The webstore is noticeably young to be relied upon, and so cannot be trusted for its legitimacy.

We suggest new buyers be careful while shopping online on such new websites. There are several e-stores available that are legit and should be considered for buying.

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  1. Thieves. I ordered a DeWalt portable table saw from the so called Yea store, I did not receive a tracking order or anything at all. When I sent them an email they said they didn’t sell that product and I must be mistaken of the store that I ordered it from. I not only didn’t get my saw a but I also didn’t get any kind of a refund and they are refusing to acknowledge that they took $107 off of my credit card. They are the biggest scam out there do not buy anything from this company.

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