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yeedi vac 2 and yeedi vac 2 pro – Best Home cleaning tool for Women

Women have the primary responsibility of taking care of households especially cleaning and dusting duties. When it comes to cleaning, women face more difficulty than men. Most women engage in hand-mopping, which is time-consuming and exerts pressure on them. So, keeping in mind their difficulties in the cleaning process, we have launched a robotic vacuum, vac 2 and vac 2 pro, a more advanced model, to help women in their cleaning duties. The product is designed so that one does not have to give much time to the cleaning processes, and the robot vacuum does the work on its own.

The product is newly launched and has gained maximum attraction from the people, especially women. yeedi is a Chinese company that has presented excellent products in the economic range. It is also received many positive reviews on Amazon and other websites. The features of the Vacuum cleaner are mentioned in the upcoming sections.

What are vac 2 and vac 2 pro?

Yeedi has launched a unique robotic vacuum cleaner that oscillates on its own. Just a switch is needed to operate the machine. The vac 2 and the vac 2 pro will be launched at the same time on Amazon and walmart on  May 12th , a more modified version of the earlier Vac 2. The machine is designed modernly, a 340 mm diameter black and white cylinder with only 75 mm thickness, far beyond the other brands. 

Specifications of the product (Comparison )

 Yeedi has also made it incredibly easy for its users to upgrade their old yeedi models to vac 2 series. Starting from May 2022, whatever yeedi model you have, you can easily trade in it for credit toward the purchase of yeedi vac 2 series.

yeedi vac 2- Series Specifications

Model of Product yeedi vac-2 pro yeedi vac-2
Cost $ 449.99 $ 349.99
Obstacle Avoidance 3D Obstacle Avoidance 3D Obstacle Avoidance
Types of mopping system  Oscillating mopping system Long-lasting mopping
Suction Capacity Power 3000 Pa 3000 Pa
Detection of Carpet  Yes No
Capacity of Battery  5200 mAh 2600 mAh
Capacity of Dustbin  420 ml 420 ml
Water Tank Capacity 180 ml 240 ml
Work with Self-Empty Station Yes Yes

Features of the product

Some features of the products are mentioned below:-

  1. Oscillating Mopping System:-  yeedi oscillating mopping feature imitates the movement of human hands and makes sure the cleaning the appropriately done. It handles stubborn stains, vibrates, and scrubs the floor 480 times per minute. Unlike sonic mopping and provides back and forth cleaning and provides a cleaning experience that “Cleans like a human hand, yet cleaner than that”. These features ensure that the cleaning is done five times better than manual cleaning. The machine is suitable for wooden floors, tiles, and laminated floors. It has very low noise.Oscillating Mopping System
  2. 3D Obstacle Avoidance:- With the Smart 3D light sensor structure, yeedi vacuum scans, detects specks of dust and obstacles, and acts quickly. With this feature, the robot can measure the height, length, and width of obstacles on the way and intelligently dodge them. The 3D sensors detect surrounding sounds seamlessly, and people don’t need to pick up things before cleaning. 3D Obstacle Avoidance
  3. Carpet Detection:- The robot is designed with mop lift technology, which is a genius idea to handle the carpets when mopping. The machine works well on the low pile carpets lower than 5mm. we cannot risk it. yeedi,Carpet detection sensor identifies your floor. When a carpet is detected, yeedi will steer away from it in mopping mode and automatically crank up suction power in vacuuming mode to get the best clean. The products avoid carpets directly as they are great for bare floors and can pick up junk like crumbs, pet hairs, and other grits.Carpet Detection

  4) Smart Visual Mapping & Navigation:- yeedi is infused with visual mapping, which is beneficial for cleaning purposes and can travel freely under your sofa, table, or even under your bed. There is less chance of damage, and the sensor is protected in daily use. 

yeedi vac 2 pro is also compatible with a Self-empty station, which is sold separately, and for weeks hands-free.

6) Turning the Old In for the New:- yeedi has also launched a program in which the old unit can be exchanged for a new one Yeedi has also made it incredibly easy for its users to upgrade their old yeedi models to vac 2 series. The program is called the swap repair program. The program will start in May 2022. It is an added advantage for the buyers, and they can purchase the product.


The product from yeedi seems attractive, and the investment in this robotic machine depends from person to person and their opinion on whether they want to buy the products. The vac 2 pro is helpful, and those who do not like to mop daily can have this product at home. Have you purchased this product recently? What are your views on the product? Kindly let us know. The yeedi vac 2 pro and yeedi vac 2 are available on May 12 with a listing price of $449.99 and $349.99, respectively. The yeedi vac 2 pro can be found on yeedi official store and the yeedi vac 2 on yeedi official store. Consumers can learn more and sign up to win a self-empty station for free as an early bird offering at www. yeedi.com.

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