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Yeofil Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One

Yeofil Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One -> The site claims to sell products like kayaks, boats, backyard products, etc.

If you are looking for fishing equipment or kayaking boats to have fun in your summer vacations, then Yeofil is the website for you.

Shaifang2 is the company established on Shopify.com under the domain name of Yeofil.com, which claims to sell boats, fishing equipment, kayaks, and bikes. Yeofil Reviews tell us that the site is launched in the United States and promises to deliver premium-quality products to all its customers.

Before you place an order with this site, it is imperative for you to analyze the working of the portal. Additionally, go through the reviews, we have gathered for you after examining various other websites and applying algorithms.

What is Yeofil?

Yeofil is a US-based site that sells varied products, for adventurous tourists, like kayaks, fishing rod, fishing box, backyard play-house, Kayaks, adjustable basketball hoop, and many other similar items. It is a newly launched site in the United States.

It sells the products at a lucrative rate and is offering unbelievable deals.

After reviewing carefully, we found that a similar site named snakefi.com used to sell the same products a few weeks ago. The snakefi.com site claimed to provide similar discounts and was a scamming website.

As a result, it becomes essential to study if this site Yeofil is legit, or is it a scam.

Specifications of Yeofil:

  • Product: Kayaks, boats, fishing equipment, etc.
  • Email: xinricaifu2@outlook.com
  • Web Store: https://yeofil.com/
  • Parent Company: Shaifang2
  • Address: not mentioned
  • Contact: unavailable
  • Processing time: 5-9 Business days
  • Shipping time: 3-10 Business days
  • Delivery time: 8-19 days
  • Expedited shipping is available
  • Returns: Ambiguous information
  • Refunds: a full refund is applicable
  • Exchanges: No details
  • Payments: Online payments only

Pros of purchasing from Yeofil com:

  • Free shipping is available
  • High discounts are offered in summers
  • Variety of products are available
  • Free returns are applicable
  • Premium-quality products are guaranteed

Cons of purchasing from Yeofil com:

  • Information on the return policy is ambiguous.
  • The About Us page is copied
  • The similar products were sold by snakefi.com
  • Too good to be true offers are provided
  • No contact details or address is mentioned
  • The absence of COD option

Is Yeofil com legit?

Due to the ever-growing scamming sites, it is important to check the validity of all sites in the eCommerce market.

The site provides profitable deals and cheaper products with promising services but fails to deliver the goods at the customers’ end. Also, they extort money and credit card details from the customers to misuse them for personal reasons.

Similarly, we would like to scan this site for its legitimacy.

Customer feedback:

The site is newly launched, and there are very few online reviews available for this site. But a few customers have complained about the authenticity of this site.

The unavailability of the contact address and contact number raises a few doubts in the minds of the customers. The “About Us” section is completely copied to an earlier site Snakefi.com. Due to the scamming nature of Snakefi.com, it has been removed from the online social media.

The customers have also complained about the non-delivery of products, even after successful payment for their orders. Cash-on-delivery is unavailable, which restricts the customers to buy online only. This drives away the customers to the other sites, which provide more payment options.

Additionally, this site’s trust index level is shallow on the other websites, which is always a negative sign. The disappointed customers claim that the email Id is not functional and does not correspond to the company name.

Overall, the site has gathered plenty of negative reviews for its unsatisfactory operations.


The lack of social media presence and important company details, we conclude that the site is a fraud. It is scamming the customers to reveal their credit card details and extort money from their bank accounts. The company name and the domain name do not match, which is a sign of a fraud site.

The newsletter is available for the subscription of the customers, but the lack of delivery of products have failed to gain the trust level of customers. The site offers free shipping and guaranteed products but fails to live up to the expected standards of the users.

Therefore, we would like to suggest our readers stay away from this scam site and think twice before ordering here.

Also, you can comment below to share your experiences, if you had any.

0 thoughts on “Yeofil Reviews [June] Another Scam Site or Legit One

  1. This is news that just makes me so sick! I work hard for my money and just wanted to be able to enjoy a little summer time when I get a chance. Breaks my heart!!!

  2. I ordered 4 kayaks and used PayPal.. now I’m having issues getting my money from PayPal. I thought they would be a safe way to order.

    1. You need to visit official webpage, read terms & conditions and then make your payment for your order. For further go for contact page… thank you

    2. We ordered 2 kayaks. We got jipped as well. We are having issues getting our money back from PayPal.
      Any luck getting your refund?

  3. I am still waiting on 3 kayaks. Paid thru PayPal but haven’t reached out to PayPal yet. Guess I need to start down that path. Very upsetting. Have never had to do anything of this sort before. Shaifang2 is the site I ordered from.

  4. Ordered two kayaks in June, paid through paypal on amex. I have now disputed the charge as I have heard NOTHING from Shaifang2 in regards to our shipment. Amazing that folks have the time and the audacity to scam to many folks…disgusting!

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