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Zackaryo Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Zackaryo Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store? -> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping site for different accessory items.

Zackaryo reviews: Is it legit? Do you want to buy different beauty, health, sports, and entertainment accessory items which is of high-quality and also reasonable and available on an online shopping site that provides free shipping to all orders? The online shopping site is an excellent option for buying all kind of items, and it delivers your products on your doorstep for convenience. But its important to know whether the site is legit or not.

But the accessories are small items that are usually not available on online shopping, and if it provides, it often comes with an unnecessary shipping fee. For the rescue here comes Zackaryo.com, which offers different accessory items at a reasonable price and also doesn’t charge the unnecessary shipping fee. In Zackaryo reviews, you will get know, Is Zackaryo com legit? or its a scam.

What is Zackaryo.com?

It is an online shopping site for different accessory items that are of high-quality and available in a cost-effective manner. This website is offering free shipping to all the orders, which is a great deal to grab. This site sells accessory items like hand trainer, ballet training tools, training handles, arm trainer stands, zipper bags, etc. which comes under sports equipment. 

The website is well maintained and is working great. This website also sells items like skin massager, facial cleaning brushes, wooden brushes, tray holders, body cleaning scrub, long brushes, etc. which comes under beauty and health. The website is still in competition to make its name, among other sites. But it has already gained customers from all across the world, including the United States. This site is all good, but what about the Zackaryo website scam? is it true? To know the answer, let’s know more about this site.


  • Website: It is an online shopping site for all different accessory items.
  • Email: support@zackaryo.com.
  • Hotline: (608) 688-0951.
  • Address: 606 N Level St Dodgeville, WI 53533, USA.
  • Delivery: 5-10 days.
  • Return period: 14 days.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Mode of payment: Cod [Cash on Delivery] accepted, Online payment:           [ American Express, Apple Pay, MasterCard, and VISA] accepted.
  • Powered by Shopify.

Is Zackaryo.com worth it?

Zackaryo reviews say if you want to buy all different types of accessory items in one online shopping site, which is also cost-effective and doesn’t charge the unnecessary shipping fee. Then this website is a must grab for you. The website showcase items which are related to beauty, health, and sports. This site also offers free shipping and accepts many payment methods.

This website is quite old and free from any suspicious activities or scam. This website provides all sort of accessory items which is of high-quality and also budget-friendly. Hence, Zackaryo.com is worth your money.

Positive remarks:

  • Different accessory items are available in one online destination.
  • The products are of good quality.
  • Convenient returns and refunds.
  • Free of scams and suspicious activities.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • Free shipping on all the orders.
  • Many modes of payments accepted, including COD.

Negative remarks:

  • The website is not very popular.
  • The product outlet is small.
  • Delivery can delay.

Customer’s view about Zackaryo?

The customers seem happy with the services provided by the site, and some customers are very impressed with the Zackaryo.com newsletter, which sends all the latest offers and launches directly in their mail. The people like this site as this website’s maintenance is great. The site has impressive customer service. Although some customers didn’t like that there is no display of customer’s remarks on the website.

Customers are also happy with various modes of payment, But overall, this site has gained more positivity than negativity; this site is working great according to the customers. The comments, the site is getting are inspiring them to expand their services.


According to Zackaryo reviews, this site’s maintenance is good and working great. After researching this website, it seems that it is legitimate and free from scam or suspicious activities, hence safe for users. The site has provided all the necessary details about their company like contact details, shipping policy, return policy, etc. for a more convenient experience with them.

Therefore, If you are looking for an online shopping site that provides different accessory items that are genuine and also reasonable, this site might be a fit for you, So go ahead and make your purchases on Zackaryo.com.

32 thoughts on “Zackaryo Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store?

  1. Its a scam site. I called this number and they now have my number blocked. So either its a fake a number or fake people. charge came through as one thing and then changed to John Williams LLC. Tried to find the wedsite again and its now gone.

  2. Email is coming g back undeliverable and no one answers the phone. How can I get an order confirmed as to when its shipping ?

  3. This site is a fraudulent site.

    On April 15, 2020, I ordered a new TCL 43S425 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV (2018) for $115.00 from a website called http://www.zackaryo.com.
    After paying for this tv. I only got two messages confirming my order. After they charged my credit card this site stopped working. Their email address of support@zackaryo.com bounced any emails. The text messages came from 931-813-8703. This number appears to be fake or a voip line.

    This site was using Shopify and I am hoping that Shopify will investigate this business.

    1. I literally bought the same item exact same thing and Im in the same exact situation your in. Im very pissed off right now just reading your comment cuz I know I got scammed also

      1. How can the writer of this article say that Zackaryo is a legitimate company? They took money from an item I purchased and I never received the product. On my credit card bill, the charge shows up billed to a completely different company. When I did a search for the company it is not in existence. I emailed support and it came back not delivered. I hope these thieves are caught and prosecuted. Thankfully, I used my USAA credit card and the money I spent will be reimbursed. My card has been cancelled so they will not be able to access my account again.

  4. This is 100% a scam site. They got me for $15 for a purchase and then tried to withdraw $211 from CashApp, I was able to stop that one. Now, the site is down and the email address is undeliverable. DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE!


      1. Llama a la tarjeta de credito diles que te den una nueva o te robaran tu información y usarán tu tarjeta

  5. The site suddenly disappeared after I placed an order. And my credit card charge says a persons name instead of the company. When I emailed the email address for customer service that was sent in the email with the order #, it got kicked back saying the address doesn’t exist. When I looked up the name of the person my credit card charge is for (Michele Mendez LLC) she is linked to many dissolved companies.

  6. On April 19, 2020, I purchased an item from Zackaryo. I got a receipt. Everything seemed fine. The next day I had a charge on my card for a company ICS Shirts.com, same price as the item I bought on Zackaryo. It looked weird. I called ICS Shirts (North Carolina) and left a message verifying what the charge was for and sent an email through Zackaryo about it.

    Today, April 22, 2020, the Zackaryo site doesn’t work. My order confirmation link doesn’t work. ICS Shirts.com site does work.
    CLEARLY there is something shady going on.
    I even vetted it through here, what the hell.
    Give me my salad spinner!
    …I was really looking forward to it too. It’s the small things.

  7. It’s a complete scam and I hope this Glen Adkins, John Williams or whatever name he is going by, get what’s coming to him!! And how the bloody hell did he ever manage to get Apple Pay linked to that bogus website?

  8. I can’t get them to respond to an email, the website doesn’t come up anymore and they don’t answer their phone. Any thoughts?

  9. I ordered a ps4 controller. Got confirmation. Paid for it. And now (just like other messages on here) the site is gone. How do I get my money back?

  10. Website is no longer working, order never received, no answer to the phone number given. SCAM SITE. Charge was for Alvin Turner LLC not Zackaryo.

  11. A few days ago I ordered a computer chair for my son. I haven’t got a confirmation email or nothing. Today I go look to see when it would be here and there is still no email and the site is down. Not a very happy person. I will get to the bottom of this for sure.

  12. This company is a big time scammer. Whoever put positive comments on this is an associate with a scammer. I purchase on line with 2X cheaper than any normal price at other store. I got received a purchases confirmation email the charge on my credit card is Jewelry then merchandise…I call Capitalone to dispute. The Capitalone is investigating this charge. Anyways, please let consumers know this is a faked, scammed, and burglarized company . Watch out!!! I am sure Capitalone will find out

  13. I ordered and shortly after was charged the $27.00 for the product. No progress on the tracking so I emailed. It bounced back to me. Charge on my card was from Pamela Epps LLC 765-435-1775 ILU I called the number and it was a Google phone and I had to state my name before it rang. It rang, no one answered and then went to voicemail. No response. Now the website is down. I’m with everyone else. I just want my stuff!

  14. Just looked back and she made the same charge on 4/13 and 4/21 so I have been charged twice for the same purchase and have nothing to show for it.

  15. OK, just looked and called my bank. The transaction on the 21st was a refund, so I made a mistake. Please don’t share my comments.

  16. placed an order for !8.00 and got a confirmation, yet when I checked back with the confirmation email, no such email…and the phone number is disconnected..Im reporting fraud on my card and I do hope they don’t try to charge anything else, my card is from the state issue and I don’t think they will play…

  17. Couldn’t find any source of tracking to find that Website since I passed my $111 for a computer screen. This is scam site?omg!!!!

  18. Have not received my purchase but yet took the money off my card please send out my item or refund my money or i will take legal actions against you since i cant email back let alone get an answer when i call

  19. My fiance ordered an external xbox hard drive for around $40 on 4/15/20 and got a charge from John B Perkins LLC. He’s run into the same thing others have reported where the customer support email bounces back invalid and the customer service phone number is invalid when trying to contact them about no shipping updates. He’s currently on the phone with his card company to dispute.

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