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Zambian Meat Website {Oct} Explore Hidden Case Details!

Read the myths and facts about a cannibalistic and murder incident that initiated with two strangers meeting in a chat forum on the Zambian Meat Website.

The Zambian Meat site is searched on the internet in South AfricaCanada, the United Kingdom, and the United States to know about a horrifying incident that took place on 4th November 2012. Did you know that the incident was related to a murder case, cannibalism, and torture?

We bring you exclusive details of the Zambian Meat site incident. Read this article to know more about the Zambian Meat Website.

The Initial Findings:

German police arrested Detlev G, a former police officer, in November 2013 for murdering and dismembering and older man aged 59. Detlev G was 55 years old in 2013. 

Police discovered a series of messages, chats, and e-mails exchanged between Detlev and the victim. They met on an online chat form of a cannibalistic website – Zambian Meat.

Missing Links:

There are many links yet to be resolved. For instance, Detlev did not reveal the motive behind murdering the victim. The victim’s name and identity are withheld from the public, and the URL of the cannibalistic website is not revealed.

Two Sides Of Zambian Meat Website Story:

On the one hand, the messages exchanged between Detlev and the victim and the confession by Detlev revealed that the victim was fascinated with the idea of cannibalism from an early age, wanted himself to be killed and eaten. 

On the other hand, the German police found that Detlev did not have any personality disorders, suicidal tendencies (or) any curiosity to kill anyone.

The Arrest Of Detlev:

Detlev was still serving in the forensics department of Saxony’s State Office of Criminal Investigation when he was arrested on 11th November 2013. Detlev’s colleagues were also shocked about the Detlev’s Zambian Meat Website incident as he was inconspicuous.

The Timeline Of The Incident:

Detlev and the victim met on 4th November 2012 at Dresden’s train station and went to have breakfast near the Czech border, where the victim agreed to be killed. 

Both of them went to Detlev’s guesthouse located in the Ore Mountains. The police believe that Detlev had tortured, dismembered, butchered the victim before burying him in the garden of his guesthouse. 

Detlev confessed that he had killed the victim belonging to Hanover by a life-threatening attack with a knife and chopped off his body parts in the cellar.

Hoax About Zambian Meat Website Incident:

The police said that the talks about Detlev eating the victim’s body parts were rumors as Detlev did not make any such confessions, and such gossip could be because Detlev and the victim met on a cannibalistic website.


As per online sources, a court located in Dresden found Detlev Guilty Of Murder on Tuesday, 13th December 2016, and sentenced him to eight years and seven months of imprisonment. 

The prosecution had appealed for life imprisonment. But, Detlev proved that the victim had wished to be killed; in such a case, the suicidal tendency of the victim cannot be ruled out. All these details are shared on the basis of online sources information. We are not supporting such activities, just sharing the information.

Were the facts about the Zambian Meat Website helpful? Let us know your views on this article about the Zambian Meat site.

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