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Allen Lau Son {Jun} Entrepreneur And Wattpad Co-Founder!

Allen Lau Son {Jun} Entrepreneur And Wattpad Co-Founder!>> This article shares information about an entrepreneur who has contributed his life to innovations in the technological field.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task; we all know about it. But if one is determined, he can achieve it at any cost. Today in this article, we will discuss an entrepreneur who has reached his zenith with struggle and drawbacks. So, stay tuned with us to gain information about a person who has brought Wattpad to you all. 

Yes, you heard right; we will talk about the Wattpad co-founder Allen Lau and his works which made him so famous and brought this amazing feature to you all, which is now being used worldwide. So, let’s start our discussion about Allen Lau Son, who brought changes to the global community of readers and writers. 

Who is Allen Lau?

Allen Lau is a Hong Kong-born entrepreneur who later moved to Canada at the age of nineteen. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto. He was the CEO and Co-founder of FeedM8, a mobile advertising company acquired by Upstream. He later co-founded Wattpad. It brought a major change in the global community, especially among the readers and writers. Thus, Allen Lau Son has contributed a lot in the field of entrepreneurship and technology.

What is Wattpad? 

It is a website and an app for writers and readers for providing a convenient way for them to read and write. The writers can self-publish their write-ups on this app or website. This brought great relief for the writers who struggle in the publishers’ office to publish their hard written write-ups. In addition, it creates social communities in which the writers and readers can directly interact with each other. 

What are the major achievements of Allen Lau Son?

He started his entrepreneurship program from a two-person company in his basement to a global network worldwide. Now, he has the network of over 10 million people who are using the app of globally accessible readers and writers. 

He first started a photocopy of a mobile eReading app in the year 2002 on a Java phone. He was trying to solve the issue of how to read while you are on the way. And therefore, to solve this issue, he was dedicated and worked with major global communities to make the app of Wattpad. 

With these, the Allen Lau Son has achieved his zenith in the technological industry. If you want to gain more information, you can click here

Final Verdict: 

Entrepreneurship made its way more difficult since the development of various technologies in the world. But some entrepreneurs have made this field their strong point and developed some important technology that brought changes in the lives of many people. For example, Wattpad is one of the innovative technologies that help people a lot, and therefore it is considered one of the important innovations in technology. The co-founder of this app, Allen Lau Sonhas made this difficult task possible for the people. 

What are your views concerning this app and Allen Lau? You can share your views in the comment section below. 

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